How to get deeds, poles, axes and other items in Hay Day

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In Hay Day, you get materials for expand your farm; such as map pieces, land deeds, poles, etc; It will be useful for unlocking new areas of your farm and for expanding your production.

Acts of some lands

These acts are used so that you can expand some areas of the farm. However, sometimes you will need some clubs and poles to expand your farm. But, if what you are missing are the deeds, these can be obtained by buying them with diamonds or at the stalls. You can also get them by harvesting crops or manufactured products.

Another way is to win them to the roulette of fortune, in the mystery boxes or you can find it in some mysterious net. For example, you can get them by watching a video. On the other hand, these acts are priced at 112 coins and 12 diamonds. And you can get them at level 22 of the game.


These clubs are ideal for expanding certain areas of your farm, fishing area or town. Like the scriptures; These clubs can be obtained by purchasing them with diamonds, at points of sale or by collecting crops or artifacts. But if you need coins to buy some other items, you can sell the clubs for 403, which is their maximum price.

Bets to score

These poles are used for mark a special area of ​​your farm ; With them you can expand your farm, expanding the fishing areas or the city. However, for the expansion of the city, you will need some map pieces; and other materials such as clubs or title deeds.

To get the marking bets, you will have to extract it from mysterious networks ; or from mysterious boxes. Another way, it can be when you harvest some manufactured products or some crops. Also, you can easily buy them with diamonds or at the stalls. You can also get items in Hay Day, such as episodes, by watching trailers or videos.

Get items on Hay Day Clean Up Grounds

Objects used for clean the ground they are essential for removing rocks, trees, bushes and ponds from the village or farm.


Axes are ideal for remove shrubs or small trees and then kill those who have died or so that they can expand the terrain. To get them you need to win them in events or derby rewards. Also, visitors to the city can give them to you as a gift.

Another way is to win them over at the wheel of luck or collecting artifacts. Also, you can buy them with diamonds or at the stalls. The price of the ax is 10 coins and 4 diamonds.


In Hay Day you can use the shovel for extract minerals from mines or you can use it in swamps. If you use it in the mine, you can get 4 minerals with the shovel. You can buy it with diamonds or in selling positions.

Now that you know the different ways you can get items in Hay Day, let's hope your farm is a success with a lot of productivity. Don't forget to leave us your comment; you can also share this post with your friends.

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