How to get iPhone-style notifications on Android devices?

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Purchase and install the App

We will start by talking about this tool that allows you to have iPhone-style notifications on Android, whose name is Floatify Notifications, Floatify o Floatify LockScreen.

We can find it on the web, or directly in the Google Play Store through the search engine integrated into the store.

What this App does is allow the activation of notifications. And it will be advisable to buy a Pro version, so that the experience and its functioning are better.

Furthermore, there are not only applications for this purpose, but also to transfer or sync your iPhone contacts to Android at any time.

Install Floatify notifications from the internet

Now, the first step to download Floatify in its free version (which will be used to verify its functioning), is to locate it through the search engine and download it.

Subsequently, the folder containing the files will open on the smartphone, which is generally called " Download "Or" Download ".

In this way, we will proceed with the installation of the application, by clicking on the file with the corresponding name and then on " Install ".

You need to wait for the warning that it has been installed successfully to appear, to start running it and accept the terms and conditions via " Accept ".

Then click on " NEXT "So that the App redirects the action to the section" Access to notifications “, Where this option must be activated via the slide button.

In this way the system will display a warning to make sure you want to assign the aforementioned permissions, by pressing " Allow " it is necessary.

When you return to the main Floatify screen, to complete the process select the blue button " Ok, let's get started! ".

From the Google Play Store

By opening the device Store, there will not be many steps to follow, just type the name of " Floatify ”In the search engine to find it.

Both the free version and the Pro version will be placed in the results, so you just have to click on the chosen option and then press " Install "Or" Buy Now ".

In this sense, after completing the installation, it will be essential to give permissions to the application, as in the procedure mentioned above.

Settings for iPhone-style notifications on Android

After installing the application, you need to run Floatify Pro and access the section " Notifications ”Which will be found immediately upon opening the App.

In this section you can decide everything about the notifications that this program will manage on the device. But what we are looking for, or having iPhone-type alerts, can be found in the " Styles ", Giving the option" Temi ".

This action will result in a list with all available themes, for example, you can choose an item called " iOS 11 ”To apply the template.

The good thing is that the app itself includes a preview mode. Through which, after making the changes, we will observe the result.

This is a play arrow icon, located at the top right of the screen. On the other hand, it is worth remembering that the configuration section itself " Notifications ”Brings other interesting modalities.

For example, if you click " Advanced Settings “, More options will be displayed, among which we can change the color of the notifications. In addition to being able to decide how notifications will be displayed with the lock screen, icons, contact pictures and much more.

So it would be up to each user's choice and taste to play with the possibilities, and thus have the best iPhone-style notification settings on Android.

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