How to get minerals or element fragments easily in ARK: Survival Evolved

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What is the ore and item shard in ARK: Survival Evolved?

Within the first 8 resource categories in the ARK: Survival Evolved video game, there is a group that is invaluable for survival. This group bears the name of Minerals and is composed of the note black pearl, obsidian, oil, metal, stone and others of great importance in various recipes.

Minerals are characterized by being essential ingredients, as they are found throughout the map, in various biomes and participate in creation or construction at different levels within the ARK: Survival Evolved game.

For its part, the fragment element also participates in the construction of various objects in the different levels of the game, especially in the Tek level, where it is essential for the processing of instruments that will be used in the survival of that level.

In the case of minerals the characteristics can be varied and these have certain measures between weight and size of the hair which differ from each other, between different minerals. For the other case, the fragment element, has some important features to mention: it has a weight of 0,05 and also, a stack size of 1000, what barbarism!

What are the mineral fragments and elements used for in ARK: Survival Evolved?

To answer this question, we can easily start with the function of minerals, naming a few, then move on to the list of items constructed from the element fragment in ARK: Survival Evolved.

One of the best known minerals is metal, and from this you can build objects and tools such as a power supply, radio, compasses, among others. We also find the obsidian, known as Obsidian¸ allows the construction of magnifiers, polymers and even a base for trophies.

Stone, a basic mineral, is used to build vital tools such as torches and matches, pots, stone pipes, a bonfire, a mortar, among others. There is also oil, with which grenades, industrial pots and forges can be built, a silencer, etc.

Now is the time to talk about the fragments of the element ARK: Survival Evolved - they serve as a source of energy. It is mainly used at the Tek level and can power, for example, the famous Tek cloning chamber. It can also be used as fuel for the Tek Generator and Tek Tower turret, the ultimate tool and weapon that helps you survive against dinosaur attacks.

Where can I find the Ore and Item Shard in ARK: Survival Evolved?

Commonly, the metal is referred to as a mineral, which is, but is not the only one; However, we will now call the metal this way, we will call it mineral.

In this sense, the mineral can be found in different parts of the map, mainly its location is in some giant rocks, especially the rocks of the largest mountains of the mountainous biomes. It is also present in all rivers on the map and inside some caves.

Both metal and stone picks can be used for mineral extraction. And finally, the quintessential source of this resource is obtained killing the well known ankylosaurs.

On the other hand, the element fragments also have sources extraction, but it is necessary to clarify what is important: the fragments They are made the element, and this is obtained after killing the masters, and the quantity extracted depends on the difficulty of these.

So, by means of a Tek 3D printer, these fragments are obtained, 100 of each Element. That is, they are ingredients of a production of another important resource.

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