How to get more hits on your Instagram Stories: tricks you didn't know about

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However, most people don't know how to exploit all the virtues of this amazing social network. That's why, here you will know one, we refer to how to have more visits on your Instagram Stories using applications and simple tricks.

Applications and tricks to get more visits on Instagram stories

The communicative proposal of Instagram stories It not only seduces as a marketing medium, but also companies from all over the world. In this way, it promotes a greater bond with the followers of each of them.

For this reason, in this blog we will present one application series and tips that will be very useful to get more visits to your Instagram stories and also to know who has seen them.

Create amazing stories with the Unfold app

This fantastic application will allow you to create and upload multiple photos in attractive instagram stories using your own designs using various pre-designed templates. Once installed on your mobile, its use is very intuitive and simple.

You must only choose which model you like best, add the photos and text you want. Then you have to download the final result, such as a photo that you can upload into your stories, thus generating a great visual and qualitative impact.

This way you can create designs from more classic and clean aspects, with the ability to combine up to three images. It also includes Polaroid or negative frames, using discreet fonts and best of all, this application is free and available for iOS and Android.

Let your stories maintain an innovative effect with the Prequel app

If you have an iPhone and you really care about the visual quality of yours stories on instagram, will love definitely this application. With it you will be able to create your own stories with impressive visual effects, to which you can also include your favorite soundtrack.

Keep in mind that the most impressive stories on Instagram have a great aesthetic. That is why with this application you can improve your appearance if you wish, since it has more tools to achieve this. This is perhaps the most important piece of advice of all, because if you follow it, you can expand the potential reach of your publications.

Tell the content of your stories with the Designlab App

One way to encourage users to interact with your stories and even sharing them is mentioning them in a theme related to your environment.

It should be noted that with this amazing application you can adapt all the content you want to the format of your stories.

Also, among its tools it has a canvas-based section with the ability to change the size of the templates for each platform if you wish. This way you can get users who still don't follow you or don't know you to reach your profile.

Take advantage of mentions with the InShot app

With this awesome application you can edit your photos and videos to your liking. It is specifically aimed at enhancing the finish of any video you wish to upload to yours instagram stories. It will also allow you to enhance the photos and of course save the edited videos in the device memory.

Also, as long as you have a close relationship with your community, with this impressive application you can implement other types of actions such as:

  • Invite your fans to share a story related to some content you have posted, creating creative videos.
  • Create new stories by replying or showing the interactions generated in previous stories.

Potential reach of Instagram Stories

Keep in mind that the potential of Instagram Stories as a multimedia tool it will lie in maintaining a critical view. This will help you realize the best version of your idea or proposal, having a positive and immediate impact on your Instagram account.

In conclusion, by following these simple tips you will surely learn how to have more visits on your Instagram Stories.

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