How to get out of iPhone or iPad DFU recovery mode with Reiboot?

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This is also true when it comes to starting one of these devices. Although, as we have said before, it is not normal; you may be able to fix these startup or startup problems. When this happens, the best way to fix the problem is through DFU mode or the device firmware update.

The DFU can be a somewhat complex tool and is only recommended for people who know how to update or run the downgrade of a device.

However, in case you get stuck in DFU recovery mode, you can always get out of it somehow. In this case, below we will show you how you can get out via a very simple tool, called Reiboot.

What is DFU recovery mode and what is it for?

In case you are looking at this tutorial a little confused about its nature, maybe we need to tell you a little about what DFU recovery mode is. Especially when maybe you have but don't quite understand how it works.

This is a state in which it is possible to put ours iOS devices to restore the operating system. However, its main function is to change the current firmware of the device.

Maybe the firmware part is a bit discounted through " upgrade ”In the acronym of DFU, but it is not limited to only updating or improving, but can also be downgraded through this modality. It is quite possible to switch from a new operating system to an old one.

This is done a lot when you have an iPhone 4, which allows you to easily get on or off its version due to an inherent failure in the device. In fact, you can do it as long as Apple keep signing that version you so much want to have on your device.

Also, it serves as a kind of forced restoration. While there are other ways to reset the device, this is always a reliable way to get our device back to where we would like. However, it happens that when the device is in this state, the screen goes black and it is impossible to interact with our device.

Therefore, if you encounter a hardware error such as being unable to use a specific button, you may want to see a much easier version to get out of this mode, and Reiboot is a good option.

Using Reiboot to exit DFU recovery mode

Be able to use the mode DFU to be able to restore or recover the software costs. of your cell phone or iPad, it's an extremely convenient way to go through the process.

But there are chances that you'll get stuck in this mode, with a black screen and not much else to do, because your device won't react unless you do something about it. Therefore, perhaps Reiboot is a good option for you.

Although many like to use redsn0w to manage this mode, Reiboot it's very simple and straightforward. So, see how to get out of DFU mode in just a few steps:

  1. First, you will need to download and install the Reiboot program. This can be done through the website of its developers, Tenorshare. Once installed, open it.
  2. Now, whether you have Reiboot Pro or the classic version, connect your iOS device to the computer.
  3. You will immediately see several options on the screen, but you just have to press the option “Exit Recovery Mode” and that's it.

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