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The best of both worlds, the creators of the popular Minecraft leave no room for boredom, knowing that many of their fanatic players are Pokémon lovers have managed to include the characters in the world of Minecraft and you can play with them, everything is possible thanks to a Mod called Pixelmon, but what's so wonderful about this fusion and how can you have Pixelmon?

Pixelmon Wonders in Minecraft

From the start you should know that you will get yours favorite Pokémon creatures as you travel through the Minecraft universe you created. It's not just about Minecraft monsters anymore, but you can interact with Pokemon. You decide whether to fight with them to advance in the game or to capture them to integrate them into your team.

You can make various accessories corresponding to the Pokémon universe to be part of your Minecraft constructions

Pixelmon allows interaction with these creatures to be very close. can use any Pokémon you catch as a fighting tool. You will get them in environments that match their abilities. So explore the desert, the forest or the bodies of water, you will surely meet your favorite.

If you haven't met your favorite Pokemon while roaming the map of your Minecraft universe. Don't worry, it's time to unearth valuable things. You can definitely get your favorite character. A  ancient Pokémon in fossil form, go ahead and make the discovery.

Take advantage of crafting items that will be useful to your Pokemon during combat. If they end up being seriously injured, don't worry, they will recover from their injuries. Another thing to keep in mind to play against the computer against the environment, that is, is this re onnect online with other players and use your Pokémon in battle.

Plus, your passion can be shared in other gaming environments. Minecraft allows fans to meet in server-created gyms, where they can train their Pokemon. To show fighting skills and be rewarded for it.

Pixelmon generations will soon offer more surprises and improvements, so surely there will be updates soon to give us a better gaming experience in this universe, now how can you have Pixelmon? Get ready to start enjoying the best of both worlds.

How to get Pixelmon

The best news is that Pixelmon you can download it for free, is it wonderful? But don't be in a hurry you need to have installed original and updated Minecraft, you can download it from the official Pixelmon Generations page, where you can choose the mod you want.

However, not all operating systems install equally, we tell you already how to do it if you are using a Mac or PC (not Windows 10, there's no way to do it legitimately).

To install it you need to do the following, before download the mod from the Pixelmon Generations page, be sure to download Minecraft Forge; second you have to start the game and enter the settings, create a folder, save the mod you downloaded in that folder, exit the game; third start over, locate the 'profile' option, there you will find Minecraft Forge, select and that's it.

If you use Minecraft on mobile devices, you should investigate how to download mods on your device model, remember that not all of them allow downloads from unknown sites so the level of complications in downloading can vary from one device to another.

Playing this game was fun, the number of fans continues to grow, but when these two worlds merge, it's a dream come true. You already know like having Pixelmón, playing Minecraft with Pokémon and make your games more fun.

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