How to get there quickly to the Master Ranger in Call of Duty Multiplayer: Mobile

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Just like there is a rank system in Battle Royale, the Multiplayer mode also has amazing player rewards and more from the Master rank, as here they are mostly skins or very interesting and interesting accessory weapons. This is why many players want to get to this point, but it's not something that easy to achieve.

However, there are some details that can be taken into consideration when playing to get more rank points and thus be able to climb faster than normal. If this is what you are looking for then you don't need to worry, as below we leave you several tips in so that you can get all the rewards you want.

Play ranked games

Call of Duty: Mobile - MJ Ranked Matches

Despite the fact that in Call of Duty: Mobile multiplayer ranked matches there is not as great a variety of modes as in Normal mode, in this category you can get more ranking points because you face players who are your own level experience, which makes it a little more difficult, but also very effective.

Make a lot of victims

Call of Duty: Mobile - Kill streak

As in many other modes, the amount of kills you make is of the utmost importance to get more rank points. Indeed, this is one of the ways to qualify for the best player in the game (MVP), something that is undoubtedly very helpful in achieving your goal. Also, if you get bonuses when you clear (badges that appear at the top of the screen) you will get an even higher score than normal.


Call of Duty: Mobile - High Scores

Sometimes you can help a teammate take out an enemy, and that is also beneficial to you. Even if you don't get all the loss points, they will give you some and that ultimately adds to the losses you make while playing.

Avoid being eliminated

Call of Duty: Mobile - Low confirmed Low

Just like you need to have a good streak, you also need to avoid getting knocked out many times, as this takes away points and isn't very useful if you make a lot of losses, but you die too many times. We recommend that you look for a place where you can cover yourself properly, to prevent enemies from attacking you by surprise.

Final dead

Call of Duty: Mobile - Final Death

Yes, strangely enough, the Final Death it also gives additional points and it also depends on how you do it. It's not really necessary for you to do this, as it's usually done by accident, but it's still something you need to take into account in each of the games.

Become an MVP

Call of Duty: Mobile - MVP Multiplayer

Each of the above tips, if you follow them to the letter, will lead you to become the best player in the game, better known as the “MVP”. When you are classified this way, get extra points for your performance in the game and it is something that helps a lot to climb the ranks very quickly.

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