How to get weapons and gold boxes easily in Overwatch

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Overwatch's competitive mode, designed to improve as a player

To get the golden weapons, you first need to know that Overwatch has a competitive game mode. Unlike the other game modes available, this mode is based on the competitiveness of the players; that yes based on your performance as a player.

It should be noted that the better we are as players, the better the rewards we get in this mode. Competitive gameplay can go faster by applying this guide to improve performance and sensitivity in Overwatch.

Quickly obtain Overwatch golden weapons

There are two ways to get them, and for both of them you have to play in competitive mode:

  • The first and most complicated way is to play 300 competitive games without losing any; as for each win, the game gives you 10 competition points. It should be noted that a tie is 3 competition points and 3.000 is needed to unlock a golden weapon. So the second way is more accessible for players who don't excel as much in competitive mode.
  • To explain the second way, it must be said that the competitive mode has a ranking system. This starts at bronze level (100 race points) and ends with the grandmaster level (300 race points). The better we perform in competitive mode, the closer we will be to reaching the master level and we will earn a lot more competition points. To climb between positions, the game evaluates our level in each game; as well as our ranking index, your work in competitive mode and of course the number of games played. Here is the classification system:  

Tricks to get more loot

The most popular ways to get them are: level up or just pay for them. We will give you some tricks to get these boxes that we like so much.

  • When we play with friends there they give 20% more experience and we manage to level up much faster, getting more boxes.
  • Playing at arcade mode we will get extra boxes; the more we play, the more boxes we will get.
  • It is important to choose long game modes, since the longer the game, the more experience points they will give us and it will be easier for us to level up.
  • If we get some of the 3 medals (gold, silver and bronze) we will get extra experience and if we win the game, the experience will continue to increase.
  • The game has a number of bonuses that give us extra points when we play each game; the more we play, these bonuses will increase.
  • And finally, if we don't want to waste so much time, we can pay these boxes to find the items we want. But this does not guarantee anything, you can get something very simple, as well as something legendary. Therefore, we recommend that you use the in-game currencies to purchase the skin, pose or phrase that we like the most.

These were some of our recommendations for get the best golden weapons and get our boxes in the game. We must not despair if we don't get what we want the first time, the key to being among the first levels of the competitive mode is to practice a lot, learn from mistakes and above all: have fun.

Whereas, in the case of boxes, we don't have to get frustrated by not having what we want; You have to understand that it is about playing a lot and put our advice into practice. From February 4th to February 24th, the Year of the Ox will be available in Overwatch, with fun game modes and lots of rewards for players.

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