How to give money to friends in GTA 5 online? - Give Grand Theft Auto 5 money as a gift

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Can you give someone money in GTA?

Before starting with the explanation of the processes that will allow you to give money to friends in GTA 5 online, you have to keep in mind that there really isn't an option that allows you to do this, since Rockstar (the company that designed the game) does not allow the transfer of assets of any kind between players.

From what you will see today, they will be tricks that will allow you to help a friend make money much faster and easier. It can be said that if you pass him the money because you will also have to spend some tickets (it is something similar to the tricks you use to earn money on GTA 5 Online)

Everything you will read below is completely legal, because they are functions of the game, which you will use as a bridge to give the person you want (member of your team, partner, among others) money to play.


As a tip, never use hacks of any kind, because first the money you receive for them will quickly vanish. And secondly, your account will be locked for cheating and putting illegal cheats into the game (remember that as you have already read there are no keys to getting easy money or winning infinite money in GTA 5).

Rockstar has great control over his stellar game and nothing ever happens to him, so it's best not to try your luck (can go very wrong). If you understand this clearly, then it's time to move on to the tricks that will allow you to help someone.

How to give money to friends in GTA 5 online?

Now that you have read the above you are ready to learn how to give money to friends in GTA 5 online, the first trick you will use for this is: upgrade a car and sell it later for a great price.

To achieve this goal, the person with the money (i.e. you in this case), he has to take any car on the street and improve it as much as possible (he shouldn't put insurance on it), when he has it ready, he will just have to give it to his friend and he will have to sell it.

The price should be very high (especially if it has expensive upgrades), the money they will remain in your friend's account, as the game will assume that he was the one who improved the car in the first place.

As a second trick you can go with two partners, one neutral and one who will receive the money and put a high reward on the neutral player. So your friend has to kill him to earn the money for his head.


Finally, they can join the same crew and participate in events such as: races, robberies, among others. By winning them, the money can be split evenly (this trick works if you are more professional than your friend and manage to win him a difficult challenge). You can also invest in the stock market in GTA 5 and explain to your friend how to do it, or do hidden missions in Grand theft auto 5.

And voila, with those techniques you have read above you can make your friend earn very easy money, without having to incur any illegality. Most importantly, once you advance in the game, any money you have invested can be returned to you. Now that there is no doubt, the question How to give money to friends a GTA 5 online ?, It has been answered.

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