How to grow resources in the New World by looking in the right places

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In New World we can find a hundred items and resources, which we will collect to advance in the game or combine them to get other items, you can also trade with these in the market with other players, if you are addicted to agriculture to quickly get money, but you don't know where to find them in the vast map of this game, don't worry, here we will give you the information you need for find some of the most profitable resources.

Where is the best place to find iron?

Iron is a mineral that you can find from the beginning of the game, but it will be easier to find when you increase yours mining skill at level 25, as it will unlock the ability to track him.

Iron ore is mainly found in the Highland region, mainly in parts with elevated terrain, with a variety of trees and mountainous areas. The best way to get the position of this terrain is through the map located in the bar on your left. Its coloring is not that dark brown. In New World these are the main and best places you can go to collect iron:

Everfall: In this position there are one variety of places where you will find iron, these are the most important that will be marked on the New World map:

  • A is: there are many ores of iron, silver and gold. There are also a variety of dangerous beasts.
  • North: There are a number of iron knots here to collect.
  • In Canary Mine: there are corrupt mobs here. There are iron knots outside and inside the cave.

First Light: These are the best places in this area to collect the iron, it should be noted that this is marked on the game map:

  • North of the Nyhart shipwreck: this is a perfect place to acquire iron, there are a variety of knots found in this area.
  • in lairs of Gray Mane: around this there is a good amount of iron. There are also beasts in this area.
  • In Factory's Bluff: There is iron in several places in this area.

How is aged wood obtained?

One of the skills in New World is felling, this skill can be obtained by all players who have an ax. Aged wood can be obtained in the beginning, in the beginning they will give you quests to obtain it. You can get it in the following way:

The way to get this wood is pick it from mature trees that perform the cutting work. These types of trees are larger and thicker than young trees, the time to cut down these mature trees is not short, as it will take.

You will find mature trees everywhere, especially in the mountains or rivers, look for them and get a good amount of this wood.

What's the way to get pepper?

I peppercorns they are a way to spice up some recipes for New World meals, having them you can also pick them up on land near your home in New World for more. You can get them in the following places:

  • Everfall.
  • Windward.
  • First light.
  • Monarcha's bluffs.

Players will have to search these locations to find the peppers. They will have to be careful, as there are all kinds of monsters in these areas and they can kill you.

Where can you find fish roe?

You can get fish roe in several places like rivers, to get them you will have to look for them, these are some of the places where they live:

  • In places with fresh water: here we will always find fish eggs, these can come from swordfish or sturgeon.
  • Small rivers: it is important to look for settlements well, here live a large number of fish that produce fish eggs.

How do you get air stains correctly?

Air grains are used for stone carving, furniture, engineering or crafts. These can be found above, in a place like Monarcha's Bluff and also in Brightwood, through the Shockbulb plant.

These can also be found in a similar mineral knot to rock called Shockspir found in First Light, Windsward and Monarch's Bluff; Another way to find them is from the Lightning Beetles, which can be found in places like Edengrove or Reekwater. These resources are easy to find and collect.

Where to find the fire grains?

You can find them in several ways in the world of new word, there is a chance that you can get them from Dragonglory plants, you will find them easily in the town of Windward, also in Scorchstone, which are mining nodes that seem to be on fire, you will find them all over the world.

Another way to get them is through a Salamander Slug, which can be found in Weaver's Fen, in any broken or curved tree trunk. These are widely used in recipes for stone carving, furniture and arcana.

How to find fruit within the New World?

In this wonderful game you will also find hundreds of kinds of fruits and vegetables, these can be easily found in the stock crates or in the food stock cart, you can also get them through trade game between players. You can also plant these plants and reap the fruits later, this is a feature of open world games, just like Minecraft.

Where can you find bait for nocturnal caterpillars?

The baits are used to attract the caterpillars and catch them there we can find at any beach in the game, where we will find the greatest quantity of pieces of flint; baits can appear as we search for and collect these flint pieces, the closer you get to the aquatic spaces, the more likely they are to be found, so beaches are the ideal place to get them easily.

How do you get the cress stalk in the game?

This is just one of the many resources you will find in the New World, this one stands out for having a bluish glow, the stem of the cress can be obtained relatively easily, you just have to collect the cress plant; it grows around the river or in ponds across the map, and thanks to its blue glow it is easy to identify at night. To collect it, you must be level 30 in the “harvest” skill.

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