How to have a girlfriend in GTA 5? - Get your girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto 5

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To achieve your mission, keep in mind some aspects that perhaps didn't mean anything before, such as buying beautiful clothes or owning a luxury car. However don't worry as getting these things is very easy, since you can even buy and sell cars in GTA 5.

Striptease Club: how to get a girlfriend in GTA 5?

Enter the game from the platform you have, as it will always be the same for each of them regardless of one or the other. Launch the game and get ready to reach your main goal, which in this case is learning how have a girlfriend in GTA 5.

First of all, you have to weigh the first option, which is to direct any main character you choose to the strip club (you can switch characters in GTA 5 whenever you want and go with any of them). Once there, the available menu is made up of the girls Inferno from Juliet, recurring club workers.

First of all, appearance is an important aspect for this type of mission, even if it's just a game, it's still worth it dress well. Previously, your goal was to go to a clothing store and purchase suitable, stylish and fashionable clothing for the situation you will be facing shortly.


Driving a mighty looking four-wheeler is key to impressing your future girlfriend, so get yourself a car that's worth showing , steal it or calling a seller.

Remember that while you shouldn't skimp on the expenses for the occasion, you must have a modest amount of money for the current business. Now drive your shiny new car to the main entrance the strip club , event venue and first destination to visit to find out how to find a girl in GTA 5.

What to do once inside the strip club?

Enter naturally and request a private dance from one of the girls. When you are in the room, the next thing to do is to manage the situation at your own pace, so as not to rush things too much so as not to spoil the moment.

Pressing respectively » A »Or» X »On Xbox and Play Station, you can go and touch and talk dirty with the girl of your choice for a fee. You have to be careful about touching the girl repeatedly, as it can be counterproductive. You may be expelled from the club following a harassment report.

At the third private dance you request with the same girl, the option to go with her will appear. Hell or Juliet will have fallen into your nets. After accepting your mischievous invitation they will not hesitate to accept if they have you "Scanned" wearing a good car, good clothes and good money.


You've finally brought the girl home and what to expect between the two characters will happen after an intense initial flirtation. They will both save each other's phone number and eventually she will send you some photos that you are sure to love.

Get the girlfriend through the taxi mission in GTA 5

This alternative is available in-game and is much easier to perform. The opportunity is presented in the missions "Taxi, I have you" e "Take Highway 2". You'll meet Liz and Ursula respectively, so take advantage of the trip before your destination to talk to them and get a phone number.

Finally, you should know that there is now a new and new way to have a girlfriend, but it is through a mod that allows you to have a character with a story within the game. For this you have to learn how to download and install GTA 5 roleplay, because with that game mode, surely at some point you will have a real girl.

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