How to have and create a custom URL on my YouTube channel

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Plus, it's much easier to share your channel URL. Best of all, it's much easier to add to your social media profiles or share on forums, websites, etc.

Obviously we have to meet a number of requirements to be able to request a custom URL. Not all channels meet these requirements, but don't worry, it's not difficult at all to meet them.

Virtually any YouTube profile that requires dedication and work in no time can require a custom address. What you should keep in mind is that said URL will look like this: Where is “your customname “, You can put whatever you want.

It should be your channel name and the easiest thing to remember to make it simple for your followers and increase your visits. In addition, it is also important to keep in mind that once created, the custom URL cannot be changed. So think very well what name you will use.

How to create a custom YouTube URL

To have a custom URL you have to meet some requirements. In case you do encounter them, there shouldn't be any kind of problem to be able to have a unique, easy to remember and unique address.

  • Have a minimum of 100 subscribers.
  • The channel must be more than a month old from its creation.
  • Have a profile picture or channel icon.
  • You have completed the drawing.

If you meet the above requirements, you can request a personalized address. For this we must follow the steps that we will discuss a little below.

How to change YouTube URL to custom one

Something you should keep in mind is that after creating the custom URL you cannot change it. So you should be pretty sure which one to choose before doing this.

  • The first thing you need to do is enter your account's advanced settings. You can also go to the upper right area of ​​the screen in your profile photo. After that you will have to go up Settings and then Advanced Settings.
  • In the section " Channel settings " you must choose " You are eligible to receive a custom URL ". Obviously this option appears only if you meet the requirements we mentioned above.
  • In ” Get a custom URL ”You will not be able to change what appears grayed out, you can enter any name in the white box, although of course it must be available. Remember that millions of users register custom URLs.
  • Then you will have to read the " Terms of use for custom URLs ". Check the box to accept them and then you just have to go to " Change URL ".
  • It is important to understand that once the custom URL is requested, no changes can be made. Therefore, once you are sure, you have to click on " Confirm choice ".
  • Once you have approved the approved URL, you can access your channel by typing in the address bar " name" and you will be directed to your YouTube channel.

It is so easy to learn to have and create a custom URL on my YouTube channel. This way you have the ability to provide your followers with a way to easily access your YouTube channel. Remember that it must be as simple as possible and above all easy to remember.

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