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Its streaming mode, unlike ordinary television, allows the viewer to choose the schedule and the amount of programming they want to see.

Many devices are compatible with Netflix streaming services, including smartphones, computer, Smart TV, tablet and video game consoles.

In addition, it offers the possibility to pause the video at any time, if desired, without having to wait for commercial breaks.

What is Netflix Party?

Recently, the platform Netflix offers its customers the possibility to add the extension Netflix Party to your browser Google Chrome on PC.

This extension allows you to synchronize the contents of the Netflix platform between multiple users and create a group chat that shares programming.

This means that, it doesn't matter if your friends are far away, as long as they have a Netflix account and the extension installed in their browser they can watch the same program at the same time.

Install the Netflix Party extension

You must first open the browser Google Chrome on your computer and enter the Chrome Store. Type Netflix Party into the search engine.

You have to select the one that says "Offered by:”. When entering the menu, press the Add to Chrome button.

After that, a message box will pop up asking if you really want to install the extension, press the button Add extension to continue.

Now you have to wait for a confirmation message that the extension has been installed successfully in order to use Netflix Party.

You can also go to the official Netflix Party page and press the Install Netflix button Party, this will take you to the Chrome webstore and you will just have to follow the steps above.

As additional information, you should know that the person you want to share programming with must have the extension installed in their Chrome browser.

Also, you must have your Netflix account previously open in your browser as well before you start using Netflix Party to watch the same programming.

Inizia con Netflix Party

To start sharing programming with your friends, open your Netflix account in the browser Google Chrome as you normally do.

The first thing you should know is how to search and find the best movies on Netflix that don't appear to the naked eye. Choose the series or movie you want to see and pause it. In the top bar of your browser you will see an icon with letters NP in red, it is the one corresponding to Netflix Party.

Click the icon to start the configuration. If you want only you to be able to control the schedule, select the option Only I am in control.

That way, only you can pause, play, advance or delay what you and your guests are watching. If you want everyone to be able to do this, select the Everyone option.

Now you have to press the button Start the party (Star the party) to get the URL that you have to copy and send to all the people who will see the programming with you.

Remember that your guests must have installed the extension and their Netflix account open in their Google Chrome browsers previously.

Once your guests have entered the platform with the URL you shared, you will see that they will be added to the chat located on the right of the screen.

Time just hit the play in button so that everyone can start enjoying programming at the same time as if they were in the same place.

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