How to have Telegram without a phone number - Step by step guide

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A proposal that offers a very important security plus if you don't want to share the your phone number with another person. Some people need to be in constant communication for business or academic reasons and prefer not to provide their phone number to maintain their privacy.

Is it necessary to have a phone to open a Telegram account?

You can log into your Telegram account from any device, be it a telefono alternativo, Tablet o PC. To access your account from one of these devices if you need to have the mobile phone with which you register to log in handy.

When you log in from any device, a code will reach the Telegram account registered on your mobile to log in. You just need to log into a registered account to receive the code. Now if you don't have any open sessions you can choose to receive an SMS to your phone number.

The use of the telephone number if necessary for the registration of Telegram. It works as an identifier for your account, but it doesn't mean that its use is dependent on the phone number. But you don't have to give your phone number so they can contact you.

Use of aliases in Telegram

Telegram allows you to configure an Alias ​​in so that other users of the platform will look for you and contact you. People who have your contact number programmed into their phone can start a chat with you. But you don't have to give your phone number to talk to other users on Telegram, just use the alias.

Where can I get a virtual phone number for Telegram?

Telegram offers us multiple functions as we already know, including the possibility of having a virtual phone number, to achieve this we must follow a series of steps which we will leave you below:

  1. apri Telegram.
  2. Then, click the button (buy) next to the service you need.
  3. At this point you should already have a virtual number with which you can register a new account.
  4. Subsequently you need to add the number in the recording menu to continue.
  5. At this point, you must have a code of confirmation that we need to verify.
  6. After a few minutes i will appear code numbers of confirmation.
  7. Add the numbers in the activation menu.
  8. Enter your first and last name and voila, now you can enjoy the new Telegram account.

How to open a Telegram account with a fixed number

Although many people live with the desire or perhaps the doubt to know if Telegram accepts landline numbers to open an account, as this App has more features than other messaging apps don't and this might not be the exception, but that's not the case.

The answer to this question or request is no, this is because they currently don't have the support for landline phones.

How to register on Telegram with a VoIP number

For the regular users of Telegram it is always quite curious and useful to register with a VoIP number since it can result in anonymous messages, so the question arises spontaneously how to do?

This service can be obtained both for a fee and also as part of the agreed plan, after obtaining the number in this way we can go and get a message account with our preference and obtain the confirmation code from the VoIP platform.

Create an Alias ​​in the Telegram account

Telegram Aliases are very useful, as they allow you to manage a level of privacy that other instant messaging platforms don't offer. Similarly, you can save the Telegram contact in your diary so as not to lose it and contact him again on future occasions.

  • Log into the application and select the option Settings.
  • Your account information, phone number, username, and bio are displayed in the settings. Select Username.
  • Please enter a name of at least five characters. It can contain letters, numbers and underscores. Be short and easy to understand so that people can contact you easily.
  • When finished, press the double icon control to complete the setup.

In this same section there is a link that directly opens a chat with you. You can use it on social networks, on a blog or wherever you want to share it.

How can I set up my Telegram if I don't have a phone number

As we all know, to use Telegram we need if or if a phone number even if we will not have to use it later, that is, we will need a phone number to identify us in the App and then we can get the sim of the phone that is in use, To achieve this we must follow a series of steps that we will leave you below:

  1. Enter the App of Telegram.
  2. Go to the options, where it will show yours information.
  3. Click where it says alias and add the name you prefer.
  4. Enter your number that you will use for this case.
  5. Confirm the code that Telegram ti will send .
  6. And voila, now you can use Telegram without your Simcard and you can even hide the number, its function will only be with Wifi.

How to start using Telegram without having a phone number

As we have already understood, it is possible to use Telegram without a phone number, but it is a very important requirement to have a number when registering to be able to identify ourselves in the app, even if for many users it becomes a bit annoying, for the application it is very important to perform its function since without a number it could not identify people.

But Telegram still offers users one variety of options to hide numbers or optional, send messages anonymously, so that's not bad at all.

Is it possible to have Telegram and WhatsApp with the same number?

This is a question that arises from many users as these two apps can have a lot of similarities although they are not the same and one of the two apps may be affected when using the same number in both.

But one application has nothing to do with the other as each has their own terms and conditions, so the answer is Yes you can have both applications at the same time and also with the same number.

Can Telegram be used on two devices with the same number?

Although we believe that it is not possible to use Telegram on two devices with the same number, Telegram surprises us by offering us the service of being able to log in from the accounts we want. That's right, all at the same time, with the only requirement of use the main access number on each of the devices we want to insert.

Hide your number from other users

The next step to allow users to contact you only via aliases is configure the privacy of the phone number.

Enter the Telegram settings and go to the section Privacy and security.

Select the option Phone Number.

Here you can choose who can see your phone number. There are three options:

  • All. Any user can see your phone number associated with your account.
  • My contacts. Only people you have registered as contacts can see your phone number.
  • Nobody. Only you can see your phone number.

In addition to these three options, Telegram allows you to add exceptions with a white list and a black list. Exceptions override the settings made. In other words, you can be more specific when selecting which users can see your number and which can't.

Other privacy settings you can make in the same section are block users you do not want to contact you, time and date of the last connection, profile picture, calls, groups and channels.

How to have two or more Telegram accounts at the same time

To have two or more accounts in Telegram we will need the same number of numbers per account, for example if we want to have 10 Telegram accounts, we must have the same 10 numbers in order to create the account, otherwise it is not possible to have more than one account since, as we know, the number is very important when identifying yourself in the Telegram.

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