How to have the volume level of Windows 10 always visible

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In today's article we will see how to have Windows 10 volume level always visible to be aware of it at all times without having to do absolutely anything.

The volume icon that appears by default in the system tray next to the clock is a speaker with a few lines. Generally, if all of these lines are blank it is because the level is at its maximum. But if we have the volume level a bit low, we can see that a line turns gray and so on.

It is partly useful for noting when the volume it is not al maximum. The problem is that this option is too precise to say. That's why today we're going to see how to see exactly the volume level we always have in Windows, without having to click on that icon.

This way you can check if it's too high or low when you switch devices or want to play anything on your computer. For this we will have to use an app, since Windows it doesn't have a native option to configure it.

Always keep the Windows 10 volume visible

The first thing we will need is the application called Volume Percent Indicator. IS a free and fairly light app which only serves this purpose. It is found on Github, as it is open source.

Let's download a compressed file in .ZIP. What we need to do is extract that file to find the application executable. You just have to right click and select "Extract here" or similar.

It is not necessary to install it. All we have to do is do double-click VoIPI.exe. The only launch of the executable will remain in the system tray.

In this way we will be able to display an icon of the current volume level that we have in the audio device we have selected. It is so easy that we can always be aware of the volume level and also manipulate it as we usually do.

If we press the icon that shows the level of volume, we can access the volume controller to be able to raise or lower it. If you decide to right-click on the icon in question, you will be able to access the application configuration options.

Keep Windows 10 volume visible

In the Volume Percentage Indicator options we will find very interesting things like a volume mixer, we will also see all playback devices, you can access the Windows 10 troubleshooter, we also have the system sound window and manipulate the volume at our whim.

As you can see, it is quite easy show the volume percentage in the system tray. In this way, we will always keep in mind the volume level of Windows 10 and we will be able to access it whenever we want to change the options that we deem convenient.

Also, this program is free and we hardly notice it's running because it doesn't even need to be installed. The day you don't want to use it anymore, you just don't have to just run it.

This too is something "negative", since every time you restart your computer you will have to run it. The most convenient thing would be to save it in a folder and then create a shortcut to the desktop or system tray, anchoring it.

You can also enable individual audio controls to hear audio, video, and any notifications or reminders you want.

Be that as it may, you already know how to always show the volume level in Windows 10. Likewise, if you still have questions, please leave them in the comments, which you can find a little further below.

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