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At this point, no one doubts that WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world. With millions of active users every day, this free tool has made it possible to talk to our contacts quickly and easily, making you forget the already obsolete SMS.

WhatsApp, however, has its risks, moreover like any technological tool. The truth is that WhatsApp (like almost all messaging apps or social networks) can be a very interesting tool but it has also its dangers that we should all know.

It is a reality that displaying excess information in this application is not something convenient. Some profile photos, WhatsApp statuses, the time of the last connection… showing all this can be quite counterproductive. Therefore, configuring the privacy of our WhatsApp account is the first thing we need to do when we install it on our smartphone.

In this regard and to avoid problems regarding the time of the last connection, we recommend that no one can see it, not even our contacts. After all, nobody cares. But how to hide the time of the last connection in WhatsApp? And above all, what are the advantages?

What is the time of the last connection to WhatsApp?

It is highly recommended to remove the last connection time in WhatsApp to avoid gossip

First of all we will start with the simplest, we explain what is the last connection time in WhatsApp. Sure many of you already know, but some may not know, so that's why we're here to explain it.

When talking to one of your contacts, you may have noticed that under his name appare the state of “Online”, “Last connection time XXXX” or simply nothing appears.

The first thing is that the contact is at that moment with WhatsApp open. The second status shows the last time our contact connected to WhatsApp (he has the last connection time activated) and the third is that it has the last connection time disabled.

The first status is something intrinsic to WhatsApp and cannot be hidden by normal means. So it is in our hands whether or not we want to hide the last connection time, that is, in other words, if we want to show when was the last time we connected.

Why are people hiding their latest connection?

Setting up WhatsApp privacy is something we need to do as soon as we install the app

Internet privacy is one of our most valuable assets, even if unfortunately many times we do everything we can not to keep it.

As we mentioned earlier, viewing certain photos or statuses on WhatsApp can be quite harmful to us. The same happens with the time of the last connection.

Why do people have to find out when was the last time we connected to WhatsApp? Nobody cares how many hours we are online and even less they should care when was the last time we logged into the application. Therefore, if you don't want anyone to control you or know what time you connect, it is better to completely disable the option.

How to hide the time of the last WhatsApp connection

Like many other WhatsApp settings, hiding the time of the last WhatsApp connection is really simple and we won't have need nothing more than a smartphone with our WhatsApp account. And be careful, this can only be done from the mobile phone application itself and not from the web or desktop version.

For this we go to Settings, Account and Privacy. Here we will see a section called "Last Time" (the steps to follow are the same in both Android and iO). Once inside we can select if we want someone to see our last connection time or if, on the contrary, only our contacts or none. As we say, the latter option is the most recommended.

Note that if we select that no one can see the time of the last connection, we will not be able to see even that of our contacts. On the one hand we avoid gossip and on the other hand we can't even be.

Is it possible to show a fake connection time?

It is recommended not to install applications related to WahtsApp and whose origin is unknown

It is possible that some of you have ever thought that if there is a way to show a false connection time in WhatsApp, either to deceive someone or simply to "control" their contacts.

Previously in the Google Play Store there were a multitude of complementary WhatsApp apps. Many of them were none other than malicious tools that, by exploiting the success of the application, they introduced malware onto our device or simply collected information.

Fortunately, these apps no longer exist in the official store. Finding them can be found if we do an exhaustive search on the internet but as we always say, it is better not to install any of these applications with unknown origins.

Can you know the time of the last connection of someone who hid it?

Officially and reliably, you can't know the time of the last connection of someone who hid it. Now, as we have already said a few lines above, years ago there were applications that promised to make it happen.

Obviously all these apps have been removed from Google and although it is possible to obtain them by searching the internet, we recommend not to install them. The reasons? Various.

First of all by not installing unknown applications on our smartphone. Secondly, and we believe this is more important, respecting the privacy of our contacts. If someone doesn't want us to know the time of the last connection, we have to respect their decision.

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