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Most of our social circle uses WhatsApp and not Telegram, which makes it extremely difficult to use only the latter as a communication tool. We tried to help you a few years ago when we gave you arguments to get your friends to switch to Telegram.

However, the most important step in achieving this user transfer was done by Telegram itself, integrating a function to import your chats from WhatsApp on the platform. Thanks to this tool, any user can transfer your WhatsApp conversations to Telegram to continue them there and immediately abandon the messaging service acquired by Facebook.

Step by step, below we explain how to import WhatsApp chats to Telegram without complications.

Going to Telegram has never been easier, now you can import your WhatsApp chats.

How to import your WhatsApp chats to Telegram

Although its user community is growing gradually, the reality is that it is difficult to find all our family and friends on Telegram. Despite the security breaches and until the creator of Telegram accuses it of being "dangerous", WhatsApp continues to be the most popular messaging platform.

This realm is seriously threatened by Telegram's integrated feature in early 2021, as users switch from one service to another it's easier than ever. That's right, Telegram has added a feature to import your chats from WhatsApp.

If what you cared about was losing the extended conversations you have had so far on WhatsApp, with this tool you can keep them and even continue them on Telegram. Step by step, we explain to you how to use it to import your WhatsApp chats to Telegram:

  1. Enter WhatsApp and click on the conversation you want to import.
  2. Click the button a three points in the corner top right.
  3. In the menu that appears, click on the option "Export chat".
  4. Choose if you want to export the conversation with or without multimedia files.
  5. Select "Telegram" in the options window that appears.
  6. Within Telegram, select the conversation where you want to import the WhatsApp chat content.
  7. Click on "Import" and the process will begin, the duration of which will depend on the size of the conversation you are about to switch from WhatsApp to Telegram.

After carrying out this import process, which as you can see is quick and easy, in Telegram you can check all the messages and chat files you have imported. Therefore, you can follow the conversation on Telegram and leave WhatsApp behind once and for all.

The function of importing chats from WhatsApp is available in the version 7.4 of Telegram. If it still doesn't appear on your devices, you just have to wait a few days to receive it. Remember this is very important always keep Telegram updated to enjoy the latest news instantly.

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