How To Improve Game Performance On Android Phones - Step By Step

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Games never fail

Regardless of the universality of the things you can have on your phone to distract your mind, something that is never missing from a phone (like downloadable apps, music and videos on your mobile), it's games. Simple, complex, light or heavy, of any kind, of any category, they meet the purpose of entertaining and amusing their users.

Support based on the phone

However, with the availability of new ranges and designs of smartphones, games can become a little more challenging. The ones that can suffer the most from these consequences are the low-mid-range phones.

But all is not lost, as there are ways to optimize the performance of your mobile device. In this article, you will learn some of these alternatives to improve your phone's performance so that you don't get frozen at the peak of the game you are playing.

What influences the operation?

Normally, the problems associated with the smooth development of a game on mobile devices have to do with the RAM.

There are traditional ways to try to cancel its use, but there can always be problems with applications running in the background.

Solutions in the app store

Among many options, in the Google Play Store you can find various alternatives for migliorare the prestazioni area of RAM of your phone, however, here we will recommend the favorites.

A favorite: the game mode

A lightweight downloadable application, with a score of 4.2, is one of the ideal applications for this type of situation. It has an easy-to-use interface, so exploring and learning about its features isn't a difficult task.

  1. Enter the application settings.
  2. Enable the option Global settings.
  3. Click on the section Close background applications.
  4. Enable the option and grant the relevant permissions.

Settings to be optimized

You will also be able to view a bar where 3 levels are appreciated: basis, moderate e aggressive. This is to change the scope and intensity that the application can have when optimizing the phone. It is advisable to slip to the aggressive option.

Likewise, it allows you to make exceptions, in case you find it important to run an application in the background, you also have options to reject or allow calls, change the volume, among many other tools so that the your experience in the game is the best.

Special attention to your favorite games

Similarly, the game mode offers you the possibility to add the games you want the application to work in, from online games to one of the best offline games you have installed on your mobile. If you have 2 or 3 games, but only have problems in one, you can select that the application optimize your phone while running that particular game.

GameTurbo per Xiaomi

Among other equally interesting alternatives there is Game Turbo. It is a special application for Xiaomi devices and offers rather interesting tools that, in addition to those similar to the Game mode, allow, among other things, to improve the touch response e optimize performance network connection.

SuperB Cleaner su Android

In the same way, SuperB Cleaner it not only helps improve your device while playing games, but in general. Speed ​​up your smartphone's RAM by up to 50% and extend battery life.

Gamer GLTool for the most demanding

If you are a lover of those games with extraordinary graphics but which, in turn, require a high percentage of the performance of the GPU and RAM of your mobile phone, this is the ideal tool for you. With over a million installs and a 4,3 / 5 rating, this app spice up your gaming experience. In it you can easily increase and improve the graphics of android games.

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