How to improve in Overwatch - Guide and tricks for complete workouts and be the best

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How to improve at Overwath - Guide and tricks to complete workouts and be the best

Part of the success of the best esports players are the blows to the head, but mastering this skill obviously takes a lot of practice. That is, mainly, you have to play a lot! And don't think you can't reach the high ranks, there are tricks to improve your aim (AIM).

Target shooting, with bots

In these essential practices you will find robots moving from one place to another and you must be right. While most players use very little of this space, the truth is they are losing a phenomenal opportunity to improve AIM.

Now, to get the most out of your training, play with a goal, which is why we recommend two options:

  • If you've mastered the headshot, you can focus on the keep an eye on le tests of robots during exercise.
  • Another way is not to focus the eyes on the head. When the robot enters your area, you use the look quick to hit the head.

The custom game

over what offer many game customizations and it is also an effective tool to be the best pointer. And if you didn't know this information, below we'll show you how to find it and start using it right away:

  • Choose "Custom Game".
  • Then click "Add AI" and choose "Mother".
  • Where the difficulty says, select "Hard".
  • The "Counter" option must be in "Maximum".
  • Now go on “Team 2 ”And click on“ Add ”.

Very well, so far you know how to identify custom games, but let's see in simple steps how we bring them to life:

  • Go to the section "Settings".
  • In the game, select "Skirmish".
  • Then you have to scroll down and look for where it says "game options".
  • As for the damage modifier, you change it to 200%.
  • You are about to activate “Just shots to the head". Save and go.

There are many rivals you can train with, but Ana stands out as one of the hard to hit characters in the head. On the other hand, you can choose to check McCree, since in his case he is characterized by his speed and also by an excellent aim.

You have to keep in mind, the sensitivity of the mouse, it may be that even if you have done the above, if it does not work properly, it will be a hindrance in your goal. If you're playing on a PC, the steps to improve mouse accuracy or sensitivity in Windows 10 are very simple to follow.

I assure you that if you use practical bots and custom games, you will improve your AIM and soon you will be one of the best in Overwath.

New to Overwath?

Don't worry if you are new to this eSport, we will give you some advices very useful to make you one of the most fearsome players.

  1. Since all the characters have their own singularities, know the information of each one, using the directional pad and on the PC click on the information icon.
  2. In Overwath, the teams that win the most are the ones that stay alive the longest. Therefore you have to learn to work as a team, is critical.
  3. Know the maps from the first moment it's vital, every vanishing point or exit you master will help you win.
  4. It is good that you learn to dominate a tank, a healer and a defender.
  5. Use the function that allows you to communicate with both voice and messages. Then you can report a possible Ultimate, ask for help from the healers or alert the group of an encounter to attack.

If you play on a PS4 there is the possibility to save my progress or game data on a USB stick and PSPlus. There are many tricks and secrets to be the best in this game and others like Garena Free Fire, one of the trending esports. Successes!

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