How to improve the quality of your WhatsApp video calls

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WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used mobile messaging app in the world. With millions of active users, the truth is that while it's not the most complete communication tool, it performs its function perfectly.

Now, WhatsApp is much more than a simple app with which to communicate in writing as it also allows video calls with other users, as long as we are connected to a Wi-Fi network or with our data rate.

Problems while using WhatsApp video calls

More and more video calls are being made

Obviously not everything in this life is perfect and it is even more so if we talk about technology. Although WhatsApp video calls work really well and allow us to converse with our contacts without any inconvenience, at any moment a problem can arise and prevent us from enjoying a good video call.

The most frequent problems when making a video call on WhatsApp? Connection problems, micro cuts, lack of picture or sound quality and even poor performance of our device, among others.

Fortunately all these problems can be solved in a fairly simple way and is that with these tips or tricks that we provide below, your video calls will always have the highest quality possible.

The best tricks to improve the quality of video calls on WhatsApp

Put on the headphones

Using a headset improves the sound of video calls

Something as simple as wearing a headset can exponentially increase the quality of a video call. It doesn't matter if they are wired or wireless, the problem is using them.

Because? With headphones, we will not only hear our interlocutors better, but they will certainly hear us better clearly as well. Also, if we use noise canceling headphones, the quality will be even better.

Check the quality of the Internet connection

The quality of Wi-Fi networks in cafes is usually not the best for making video calls

Whether we are using a Wi-Fi network or using our data speed, for a video call on WhatsApp to work well we must check that the connection quality is indeed optimal.

In the case of using Wi-Fi, the problems come first when other users use it. Therefore We do not recommend using public networks for this very reason reason - and also for security reasons.

Secondly, another problem arises with the connection of our home, in particularly if someone is consuming the bandwidth watching series or movies on Netflix and even playing on your computer or consoles like PlayStation 4 and its online games.

Therefore, before putting your hands to your head and throwing your mobile phone on the ground, check the quality of the internet connection and that there is no interference. If you use 4G data, make sure nothing is downloading in the background and that coverage is optimal.

Choose the best place to make the video call

When making a video call, always look for quiet places

Honestly, choosing a good place to make video calls helps a lot. It is not the same to do it in the quiet of your room as in a cafeteria full of people and hustle and bustle. Nor is it the same to do it against the light as with curtains that cover the direct sun.

On the other hand, it is also important to choose a good, neat and clean background. We don't want our contacts to see our house or our messy room. And finally, it is always preferable to have a white background behind such as a wall in so that the image quality is better.

Keep your smartphone's front camera clean

Clean the front camera of your smartphone so that the quality is always optimal

One of the main reasons the image looks ugly is because we haven't cleaned the front camera of our smartphone for years.

This problem is quite simple to fix and what we are going to recommend should be done before starting any application. You just have to take a disposable cloth or handkerchief and clean the lens carefully so as not to scratch it.

Finally, close the sessions and apps that are open in the background

In addition to being used for writing, WhatsApp also allows you to make video calls

Nobody wants to make a video call and get notifications every two minutes. Therefore, if you have any sessions started in the applications, it is better to close them as well as any other background app that could disturb the conversation, especially if it will be long.

On the other hand, by doing so, we will also make the performance of the smartphone something better and something much more important. Since the mobile phone runs fewer applications at the same time, we will cause less "stress" and therefore the battery will last much longer.

These are really simple tips to follow and will enable you to our WhatsApp video calls to never fail.

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