How to increase and free the RAM memory of my Android phone? - Quick and easy

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When we use our Android phone we like to do multiple things at once, chat on WhatsApp, watch videos on YouTube, check Facebook, so we want a device that allows us to perform all these actions quickly and effectively to have a better experience.

What role does RAM play in the phone?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is one of the mechanisms that helps us to perform quickly more actions on our phone. Its function is to keep all those applications we regularly use prepared and preloaded.

This way, the processor doesn't run them directly from the storage memory, allowing you to quickly mobilize and execute the process.

The RAM memory is able to collect data and instructions temporarily, being able to carry out the transmission of information at high speed. The the greater the capacity, all the better its functioning to be able to perform several actions simultaneously on our phone, such as using different applications.

How to increase the RAM memory of our Android device?

In the phone specification list, manufacturers have, expressed in MB or GB, the capacity of this component. There are 512MB, 1GB, 2GB or more, but they may not be enough for what you want to do.

To increase the RAM memory of your Android phone and thus make it faster, you have to root it first, although you can increase it, with or without root. It is also necessary have an SD card which will act as a space to expand this capacity.

Use an application available on Google Play such as “ROEHSOFT RAM-EXPANDER”. Install it on your phone and when you open it, grant it root permissions.

Then, you will see a slider that will allow you to determine the size of the swap partition, which is the space that will be used to increase RAM using SD. By accepting the changes, Android will use that space to improve RAM performance.

How to free up RAM memory of my Android phone?

The first option we might have available would be to uninstall an application which is developing in the background and consumes a lot of battery. If an application is not working well, it presents errors, uninstalling it or deleting the cache of apps like Instagram that generate a lot of data or closing the ones you don't use frequently and have a large consumption of RAM.

There are apps pre-installed at the factory and they are not even used, but these apps cannot be deleted to increase the RAM memory. So, the trick is to disable them or stop the apps that consume a lot of RAM, by going to the “Settings” menu, access the applications and determine which of them you want to disable. In this way, it will no longer be active in the background and it will not receive updates that will free up RAM memory space.

When using your Android you may have several tabs open and only use a few. So, close the ones you don't use so that RAM isn't unnecessarily consumed.

Finally, the animations, even if they are not many or are not very perceived, also require some memory. You can disable them in the box designated for this in the path "Developer" - “Advanced settings” - “Animation”.

THE rise and lo space sweeper in RAM on our Android phone is a simple task. If you use the right tools and follow the advice we just gave you, you will surely be successful. Tell us how you think about this information by writing to us in the section below.

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