How to increase and improve the FPS in Rust How to put it in full screen? - Rust configuration

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That's why in addition to considering the improvement of some of these two aspects, Rust players know that there is a way to optimize the graphics quality of the game to adapt it to the qualities of the PC.

What is game optimization and what is it for?

Each of the video games, regardless of which platform it is enabled for, has the ability to migliorare the prestazioni of the device running on it.

Although many users request the presence of Rust on other computers, such as PS4, Xbox and related consoles, unfortunately so far it is only a game that can work inside computers.

This is why many gamers need to have a computer that has the specific features that allow them to function properly, so that they do not have problems during the gaming experience.

Thanks to its high technological progress, the platform of this video game has the ability to optimize its interface, to work together with the computer and get a better projection of the video, sound and interaction with the rest of the players.

Learn how to optimize Rust step by step

The truth is that the characteristics on the basis of which the new game configuration will be established will directly depend on the function with which the individual wants the computer to perform.

To increase and improve FPS

FPS, also known as "Frames Per Second" (or frames per second), is a standard value for videos to ensure a correct reproduction of movement.

Thanks to the new Spanish-language server, the number of users affiliated with Rust has increased, and so has the number of those who report their problems regarding this aspect of the interface.

Frames per second are directly affected by Internet browsing speed and hardware quality the computer works with.

That is why before carrying out the configuration explained below, each player must make a preliminary test of the efficiency with which these two aspects work.

Rust's advanced settings have an option that determines the number of FPS the player wants to work with, which can be set to 60, ideal for not having video problems.

It should be noted that this aspect will require a greater provision of the Internet connection, as well as the performance of the RAM and video card available to the computer.

Optimize FPS for streaming

It has now become very popular to stream in-game content as you complete missions, challenges, and attacks within Rust and even across a wide variety of similar games.

In case you are playing totally on your own and want to broadcast your video game experience, Twitch is the ideal page to do so, but you have to keep in mind that this type of activity requires a bunch of requests.

To do this, you must keep in mind that when streaming you have to significantly reduce the demand for equipment that other programs can generate, such as the browser that consumes RAM memory and any communication software that slows down the speed of the Internet.

This is mainly due to the fact that, in order to broadcast the content, it is necessary to use a program that requires optimal use of the aspects mentioned above and, in the same way, guarantees the stability of the FPS.

For this reason, it is recommended to establish the configuration optimal of frames per second for the computer and likewise guarantees that it will not deviate during the activity.

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