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Call of duty warzone is a recent game that has had one of the biggest hits in recent times and with which you can experience great games with a lot of fun when you face your friends in team battles. Aside from that, Warzone installation is extremely simple, as it is a free game.

How to see FPS in Call of Duty Warzone and improve performance

Call of Duty: Warzone has become a very successful game and more and more people want to play it, so the question arises, how to optimize and increase the FPS? The first thing you should know how many FPS the game is running at

To see the FPS you have to go to the options and press general, look for the telemetry option and turn it on , so you have to see the options below and you can select what you want to see, like the FPS, Ping, among others. 

Once you can see how many FPS it's time to tweak them and increase them in case your graphics card isn't that advanced, devi alone enter the game and select your graphics settings , there you can change them, reducing the resolution so that the card doesn't have to load so many pixels.

Steps to optimize FPS in Call of Duty Warzone

To make any changes to the game, you need to know your PC hardware well. Because this is the main factor when making them game changes. If you have a low-resource or older PC, you will need to do the following:

All of this aside, we need to be aware of the vital role our controllers play, so we need to keep them up to date in terms of updates. Also, check from time to time that we don't have a problem with our DirectX, since this it is crucial to run the game.

Log in to the game

Log into the game and select the graphics settings, from here you can change almost anything. You can start by lowering the resolution at which the game runs a bit. This will prevent the graphics card from load so many pixels at the same time.

Access settings

Since we have an old PC, we will have to select most of the settings at medium or even low. In general it will depend on how well the game adapts to these settings. We can select them and get started any game to measure the difference.

Increase and optimize Warzone FPS on PS4 or PC

It is more than obvious to say that to have a good FPS you must have the best hardware. However, what many do not take into consideration is that the management that is given to the computer also has a great influence. As well as the system we choose to install. For this reason, we always have to choose as light as possible, so that our game runs smoothly and with a good frame rate.

A trick that few people know and that you will need for both Warzone and any other game. You are using the task manager to give more importance to a specific process. To do this, enough open the administrator, right-click on the bar and mark the administrator. So we'll see what different tabs come out and here we need to look for the process that Warzone says.

From here, all you need to do is right-click to enable the options for this process. We need to look for the one that mentions priority, so stop on that and a small menu will pop up. Here we can either increase it or decrease it. In this case, we are interested in increasing it so that all performance goes to this app.

With this we will get a significant increase when playing this or any other episode, being a perfect fit for the competitive.

Adjustments we can make in our system

In our operating system there are some options that we can disable so that the FPS is increased during the playing Call of Duty Warzone. Among them we have the bar for games and the special mode for games. These two utilities that with their name give us the impression of improving the gaming experience. What they do is consume background resources.

This is easy to check with Windows Resource Monitor. Since it shows us the background processes and how many resources each consumes.

To disable this option, search for them individually in the start menu bar. In this way we can open the respective menus and press deactivate. This, while something simple, can go a long way in playing the game, since a 5 FPS improvement can be the key in the competitive.

If we add to all of the above the continuous maintenance of our computer, we will always have the best FPS while playing. And we will always be sure that there are no junk files that consume part of our resources.

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