How to increase or decrease the volume of a video with the Shotcut editor

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Who has not had problems with the volume of your video? If it is very low it will be impossible to hear and if it is very high it can be annoying. It is an issue that restricts people from comfortably enjoying their video or sharing it and not being able to send videos via WhatsApp, for example.

This is where they come into play editing programs like Shotcut to solve this problem for anyone, no experience needed. Other programs that allow you to decrease, increase or simply change the volume of a video are Camtasia Studio.

However, thanks to its versatile platform and totally free use, Shotcut will be the perfect tool for adjusting the volume of a video.

Why Choose Shotcut?

Shotcut offers the best of the best in terms of design and creation tools for videos of all kinds. Its panels are prepared not to be too dense for people with no design experience, but it has advanced features worthy of a paid program.

Acquiring this program comes at no cost from Shotcut's official download page, and its performance doesn't demand the best of computers. If the person so desires, he does not have to limit himself to change alone and audio problems of a video and can go further.

It is not a relatively new program, it has been online for more than 10 years offering quality in terms of video design. It is the perfect alternative for those who want to start designing by opting for programs that do not leave a watermark when editing or are paid.

Try Shotcut to increase or decrease the volume of a video, creating or editing another is a possibility that does not involve any risk. You will enjoy the best possible quality in a totally free video editor and with no difficulty for anyone to try it out.

How to change the volume of a video with the Shotcut editor?

Shotcut offers its users the tools to be able to change the volume of a video without many inconveniences. It is a very common problem among those who record video without using a microphone to solve this volume problem.

The first thing is to know if we have the Shotcut program installed on our computer and ready to use. That being the case, you start by dragging the video whose volume you want to change onto the Shotcut home screen.

Once we are working on the video, we will go to the section " filters ”Located in the left panel of the program. So we can see the option " add filter "From there we will move on" Audio ”To continue moving forward.

In the list of options in the "Audio" section, you will find an option under the name "Volume Gain". When we click on this option, the panel will show a bar which can be decreased or increased as we wish.

You can move the bar left so that the video's audio gradually reduces its intensity. In addition to moving the bar to the right, the volume increases more and more.

The important thing at this point is play the video modifying the volume in order to better appreciate the quality obtained. Remember that the best guarantee that the work will be good is that we check it ourselves.

Conclusions on Shotcut to change the volume of a video

Shotcut is an editor whose abilities will depend from the use that each will do the program, and with its versatility it guarantees its ability to contribute a lot to any job. It is an editor designed to be available at any time and solve any person's problems.

As for increasing or decreasing the volume of a video with the Shotcut editor, it can be seen that it is very simple. So, with a little practice and a few attempts, anyone, from the comfort of their computer, will be able to edit their videos.

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