How to increase the battery life of Nintendo Switch?

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An advantage of the Nintendo Switch is that you can change it from a portable device to a video game console to connect to a screen, that's why you'll be interested in knowing how to connect Joy-Con and Pro controllers to your Mac.

Tips for extending the Nintendo Switch battery

This console has a good battery life with mid-range games, allowing you to play for up to 6 hours ; but the most demanding games take away a great deal, leaving it almost halfway through.

Therefore, we have decided to create a collection of the best tricks to increase the performance of Nintendo Switch, let's bring it at most! 

Another problem that Nintendo Switch can present to you is when it has a drop in performance or FPS.


This is the part of this device that consumes more battery, as with any portable device, it's a great idea to help with durability by reducing this section.

You can decrease the amount of brightness, is the main thing to reduce spending, also, avoid leaving it on while you are not playing.

It is a good option to reduce the downtime in a way that the screen turns off automatically, you can take it to the minimum which is one minute.

Wireless networks

The Nintendo Switch has a Wi-Fi connection, this one it can consume a lot of battery if it's not being used or we're on the go, then it's ideal to turn it off.

You can do it from settings of device, take advantage of and even turn off Bluetooth or just put your device in airplane mode. This way, your battery will last longer. By connecting your Nintendo Switch to a Wi-Fi network you can download, install and play games like Fortnite.

Means of experience

We know it's a lot of fun to play and feel those little vibes that are emitted during games, but this it also consumes the battery, then you can turn it off.

To do this, go up " Controls and sensors “, Turn it off and voila, you will gain a little more playing time, which on long journeys is a great idea.

It is advisable to reproduce headphones, preferably wired ones, even if this is a bit uncomfortable reduces battery usage by the speakers and Bluetooth.

An external help to the battery of Nintendo Switch

Believe it or not, there are some things you can do for extend the playing time, not directly the battery, but the autonomy time of the console.

Well, we know that this console's charging port is a common one USB Type-C, so some companies have developed portable options for this console.

We can talk about external batteries, the rechargeable ones that have become popular in the world of smartphones; a great option for charging or keeping your Nintendo Switch charged.

On the other hand, we can mention the appearance on the market of rechargeable bases or covers that allow you to extend the life of your console.

Some of these options provide between 6 and 12 hours of battery life added to the life of your console depending on the game.

These are options that they don't put your device at risk because its use is the same for other equipment and does not deserve the modification of any physical or internal configuration.

Tips for Switch users

We know it can be a bit tedious to carry physical batteries with you to keep the Nintendo Switch battery charged, but if you go by car you can bring a small bag.

Many users have small cases to carry their consoles, some come with enough space to add one or two portable chargers.

Maybe the changes in console are not what you expected, but if you are in a place that allows you to make these configurations; without damaging the gaming experience, you will have a few more hours.

We hope these tips will be of great use to you and allow you to increase the battery life of Nintendo Switch, have fun with this spectacular console.

We also recommend that you take care of your Nintendo Switch by cleaning your console screen.

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