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Over the years, new trends and projects emerge that eventually become large commercial emporiums, as in the case of Signal, the great application that is the great alternative to WhatsApp. Which is often compared to another big contender, Telegram. So making a comparison between the three applications is inevitable.

Everyone wants to use an instant messaging service secure, and the privacy issue in Signal is getting a lot of attention from users, as it represents a powerful option to consider. But that's not the only thing that catches the user's attention, so is how Signal works.

From which not only the composition and layout of the interface are deduced. Furthermore, as can be modified, among the most requested, will be that of the letter, since it is to be increased, for greater convenience. Therefore, we will see how to increase or change the size of the letter in Signal to make it bigger. 

What features and advantages does Signal have over other messaging apps?

Signal has been making headlines so far, since its functionality is quite similar to that of other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, even if you don't use them like them, if with greater security for its users, and above all due to the large number of functions and advantages it has, which we will list below:

  • 'Open Whispers Systems', the famous end-to-end encryption, would be adopted by WhatsApp for its new updated versions.
  • Transparency in his open source that it has so that some developers can easily find bugs and be able to fix them
  • Security pin to encrypt all your information and retrieve it again from other devices as well
  • You can configure the self-destruction of messages even from 5 seconds, up to a week
  • Send files, make video or voice calls, share your location, send photos and even in the latter function you have the ability to blur the face of someone who appears in a photo and hide or protect their identity.
  • Turn off read notifications and personalize your conversations

Should I start using Signal?

This will depend on the needs, wishes and aspirations of the user, so it is improper to say yes or no, but we can review its attractions and that it is the mind of the internet user that makes the decision. on the use of this instant messaging application. 

Firstly, it should be noted that the own configurations and modifications that the user wishes to make, to adapt the internal presentation of the App, are carried out in a simple and fast way, as will be seen when detailed as per increase or change the size of the letter in Signal to enlarge it.

The ease of internal changes is just the beginning of a long list of benefits offered by the instant messaging application. To this must be added the ease of downloading the application, the speed with which it carries out communications, and the lightness of its weight. But there is one subject that is very attractive, privacy.

Talking about privacy at Signal is getting into an explanation that would take hours, so it's best to sum it up in one simple word: extraordinary. The user may be anxious about everything except that for your privacy within the App. Therefore, it is better to put this problem aside and focus on a more challenging one, that of comfort.

What are the font size options in Signal?

There are several ways to easily log in for make an immediate change to the font size that you use to send your messages through the application and also from any device or operating system such as Android and iOS.

Font size on Android

  • Open your Signal app
  • Look for the 3 dots in the top right corner and click on them
  • Go to the "Settings" section
  • Find the option " Chat ">" Message font size "
  • Choose from the various options it offers: Small, Normal, Large, Extra Large
  • Save your changes and that's it

Steps to change font size on iOS

The process is very similar to what you should do on Android, then you need to follow the following steps

  • Open your application and click on the first 3 dots or tap the circle with your photo which is on the far left
  • While in Settings, look for the 'Chat & Multimedia' option> 'Message font size'> Choose from the various options: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large
  • Save your changes and return to the main screen
  • Open a chat and view the changes you made

From desktop to PC

If you use a lot frequently the 'Signal Desktop' desktop version, with a simple execution of commands and keys, you can adjust the size of your font.

  • On Mac, you just need to use the key ⌘ + 0 for its original size. ⌘ + = to increase the size and ⌘ + – to reduce it.
  • In Windows / Linux you can access the normal or original size by pressing the key ‘Ctrl + 0’. If you want to increase its size, you just have to press ‘Ctrl + =’ and to reduce it ‘Ctrl + -‘

Is the signal change the same for Android and iPhone?

Here it is necessary to make a specific clarification, namely that the process to increase or change the letter size in Signal to enlarge it, it varies in iPhone. This is the result of the connection established between the App and the internal configurations of the entire operating system.

This is done so that the user has more comfort and the interface is presented directly with the font size settings that the user has on their device. So to change the font size, in this case, you just have to change the overall font size of the device.

Tutorial to insert larger letters in the Signal app

It is time that the issue of comfort is addressed directly. Which is simply essential for all users, one of the great advantages of the application is the simplicity and the speed at which changes can be made to the internal presentation. In this case in the size of the letter.

We will verify what has been said, showing how increase or change the size of the letter in Signal to enlarge it, which is done as follows.

  1. The first thing will be enter the application.
  2. Then it goes to the profile icon.
  3. When the internal menu is displayed, you will be taken to the section entitled “chat e multimedia”.
  4. In the chat space, go to "Message font size".
  5. A dialog box opens with the options "small, normal, large, extra large”.
  6. Il More appropriate is chosen in on a case-by-case basis, which for convenience will be one of the last two.
  7. Once this is done, the process of increasing or changing the font size in Signal is complete.

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