How to increase the shutdown, freeze or wait time of the screen of my Android mobile

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From the large number of devices that have the Android operating system such as computers, watches, televisions, mobile phones, it is possible that it already has a million applications with many features with many successful advances, this operating system has grown.

Today it can be said that it has become the most powerful operating system, growing more every day. AND staying as the newest. Adaptation to multiple connections and other formats.

Next, we'll show you how to set up a estimated time to turn off the screen on your Android phone.

What are the new features of the Android operating system

This popular operating system always surprises its users with so many new features, one of which is dark mode on Android mobile devices. By activating that mode automatically almost all applications adapt to this and aims to save the battery of the device.

Another distinctive feature is the new shape of expression in emoji which had great prominence when it introduced the Google keyboard. Likewise, they grew up alongside emojis.

We can also highlight another of the characteristics, such as the amplifier of sound, it works automatically and if the headphones are charged, the device will make the frequency go up or down for better sound.

This system has managed to establish itself on a large number of teams given its characteristics of success, it is characterized by its extension and flexibility since it allows it to work on different teams.

Increase the time to shut down, lock or wait for the screen of my Android phone

I guess you have noticed that when you leave your device unused for a while, the screen turns off. Well this feature is time consuming and is a very useful tool when it comes to save your cell phone battery.

Likewise, it serves to prevent someone else from leaving the phone alone access your private information, that's why there is the option to configure how long we want it to stay on.

Therefore, the operating system, depending on the time it has placed, will turn off the screen as a means of security, you have to enter the settings application and look for the screen section here you will look for the timeout option to suspend the screen and this ultimately is what will tell us how much time must pass so that after using our mobile the screen turns off.

We can choose the time that is of our preference between 15 and 30 seconds. The important thing is that both for convenience and for your safety, if you set the default lock mode you have for 15 seconds, be it with a pin password or fingerprint, it will be activated after that time has elapsed. We can change this option as often as we want by walking us through the steps.

Enhance your security on your Android device

It is essential to try to improve the security of our Android device as the above is of great help as we don't have much time to turn off the screen but there are other ways to improve security of your android phones, our information should always be private.

But for this we must be aware of keep our android operating system up to date to keep up with the trend and new forms of security, update our applications such as, for example, we can update WhatsApp because it is a well-known instant messaging service.

All applications can be very efficient during Android version update and also when updating applications via the Google Play Store virtual store.

Also, by updating each application, we can learn about its new options and how to use it in its latest version. That way, we don't miss any relevant news or changes.

To use the virtual store, you need to enter an email to customize and access the application store. There might be many applications that interest you and of excellent quality

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