How to increase the transfer speed of a USB if it is slow

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Be that as it may, when we are copying a large number of files or by making a backup copy of a USB stick on my PC, it will definitely take some time to do this. On many occasions we can wait and on others we need it to be as fast as possible.

If your USB drive has a transfer speed that you think is too slow. So we can try a few things to improve it. In the following tutorial you will be able to appreciate different methods we have and you can increase the transfer speed of your USB device relatively easily.

All of these methods are too easy to perform, you can even try them all at once to greatly improve the file transfer from your computer to the external USB drive. As you can see, these are simple things that we need to tweak, but in practice they can generate a noticeable change in the transfer speed.

How to improve the transfer speed of a USB

The first thing we should try, as it is the simplest. It is to change the USB port where we plugged the unit. In case you have a compatible USB drive with USB 3.0 / 3.1, you should plug it in that place, you will be able to recognize this type of USB because they are blue.

Another solution to improve the transfer speed is to update the drivers. Slow transfer speeds can be the result of faulty or outdated drivers. Ideally, you should visit the manufacturer's website to find updated drivers.

You will also need to consider the errors of the hard drive or external drive you want to use. What we need to do is connect the drive in question and then right click on it and select " Property ".

After that we will have to go up Tools> Error Checking> Verification. This is what it does is scan the drive to check if it has any errors or not. In case you find errors you can correct them.

Increase the transfer speed of a USB

If the external drive keeps running too slow what we should do is reformat it, but instead of doing it in FAT32 you should do it in NTFS.

  • How do we format the USB drive? It's quite simple, you have to connect it to your computer and then right click on it from " Computer resources "A pop-up menu appears in which you will have to select the option" Group ".
  • A new box opens and you need to make sure you change the format to " NTFS "Deselect the option" Quick format ”So that it is formatted correctly and completely.
  • Another option we have is to change the device extraction policy. For this we will have to connect the drive to the device and right click on it.
  • We select " Property " and then " Hardware "Here we will have to activate the" Caching " stop.

Remember that if you have any kind of doubt or problem about how to increase the speed of a slow USB drive while transferring files. You can leave it in the comment box that you find a little below and we will be happy to help you in whatever is needed.

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