How to increase the wifi signal of my Android or iPhone mobile phone

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It is normal for some devices to have antennas which may not be good enough. Maybe you have your Wifi modem that needs to boost or improve the signal; Maybe the modem is a bit far from your room or work area and this can complicate things a bit.

Before buying some kind of device to extend the Wi-Fi signal. If what you want is for your Android phone or iPhone to have better Wi-Fi, there is an extremely simple method to do and it can be done with materials you find in your home.

Most importantly, it's not just that it can be done in seconds. But you also don't have to bring anything. Shortly after doing this tutorial, you may forget this little modification you made on your mobile as it is quite minimal, but with an extremely positive impact on the Wi-Fi signal.

The following tutorial is extremely simple, very few materials are needed. To be more specific with two materials, you already have everything you need, although it is essential to fulfill one requirement before continuing, which we will explain below.

Increase my phone's Wifi signal

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you can't remove the back cover of your mobile device, don't you can do this tutorial to boost the signal. It is important to take this into account as those devices from which the back cover cannot be removed do not apply to this guide.

Another thing we will need is a Scotch tape which we will use to attack the razor or the gillette in following. The best thing for these cases is to use one of the wide ones so that you can glue the entire blade without leaving any exposed spots. Since it will make things easier for us throughout the process.

It is a small tool that we will use for increase the internet signal on your mobile. So in this case you should be careful as it can become dangerous if you don't use it with caution.

How to improve the Wi-Fi signal of my mobile device

What we will do now is locate the Wifi antenna. Typically, on mobile devices, the antenna is located at the top of the device. So what are we going to do with that small razor or gillette is to place it on the Wifi antenna in question.

The small detail to keep in mind is that we will not actually attach it to the Wifi antenna. You shouldn't stick it on the back of your mobile device. What we need to do is calculate the position and stick the knife on the lid we removed first with the duct tape we discussed earlier.

Finally, the only thing left to do is simply put the back cover back on the device. After this, all you have to do is just wait a few seconds. There is no need to restart the mobile device.

After a few seconds you will notice that it starts capturing  more Wifi signal. This way you can increase the Wi-Fi signal of your mobile without having to invest absolutely in anything, with materials that you can find in your home and above all you can do it extremely quickly and without the risk of damaging anything.

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