How to install Xbox One apps from the Windows Store on your PC

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Xbox is one of the brands most important and recognized of consoles focused on video games in the world along with Playstation, it also has a varied list of options and tools such as the ability to play streaming services and the ability to have a network signal for the Xbox Live service.

This console is developed by Microsoft, which made the first appearance and the Xbox launch on the market 20 years ago, but its popularity and quality is such that it still remains one of the users' favorite video game consoles today. In addition to being one of the few who struggle in the market.

At the time of its launch, its impact was worldwide, selling around 24 million consul until the time of the termination of this first console. Without a doubt they managed to get off to a good start and finally this important milestone has marked Microsoft's path with Xbox in these years to come.

After resounding success with the first Xbox console, also known on the market as Xbox Classic, Microsoft has focused its gaze on new alternatives with much more advanced features and qualities to achieve in this way attract the attention of the public that was hooked to the first consular.

That's how the Xbox 360 came out, possibly even Microsoft's most successful video game console. Its impact and boom was such in the market that it managed to sell around 84 million consoles in its time. Fighting in the market against consoles like Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

After this resounding victory, the Xbox has 2 more new consoles released which are the popular Xbox One and the newer Xbox Series X / S, both of which are active today. For now, we're going to teach you everything about Xbox One. Stay with us and find out all the details about this console.

What is Xbox One and what can it offer us?

After the huge shock that Microsoft created with the launch of the Xbox 360, the company had to focus on accomplishing a rather difficult task. Create a new console that totally exceeds the expectations that were created with the last launch, plus it should be totally adapted to the moment.

This is where the long-awaited successor to the Xbox 2013 finally comes out at the end of May 360. This is nothing more and nothing less than Xbox One. It hit the market to fight against its rivals Sony with its Playstation 4 console and Nintendo with the famous Nintendo Switch, all eighth generation consoles.

This new and sophisticated platform offers us a large number of features and qualities for our enjoyment as an AMD processor which has 8 powerful 64-bit cores, all of this structured in a Jaguar design with a speed of 1,75 Ghz. As it also has 8 Gb of RAM.

But that's not all since the Xbox One console has a large list of options for us like having the ability to group our favorite games and applications in drawers, we can take photos, captures and videos while we are playing and We can share it with our friends.

One of the most interesting options of this console is that we can connect our controller to our computer or mobile without any problem, we'll just have to configure the controls and that's it, we can play any type of video game from our PC with the control of the Xbox One console.

How can we download games and applications from the Windows Store?

Another of the new tools that Microsoft introduces us with the new generation Xbox One is the ability to download games and applications for the console from our computer or laptop, for this we will need to have an Internet connection and we will need to be registered in the Windows Store.

To do this, we'll just have to go into the shop and find which games and applications are compatible with our console, we will select and download them so that they are finally installed on our Xbox One.

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