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How much dollar money can you grow in a month?

The money you can grow per month will vary, as there are influencing factors such as how many aces you have, experience, how effective you are in battles, and there is the price factor of SLP in the market. We will get an estimate of a player who has the number 3 to 9 aces and is 50% effective and another who has more than 20 aces and wins 50% of the battles.

If a player owns 3 to 9 aces and has a rate of profit of 50%, can get between 210 and 240 SLP per day, that would be around $ 30 per day or so. Now you just have to keep the account for a month, remember that digital currencies go up and down.

If the player has more than 20 aces and his profit rate is 50%, can get 300 to 400 SLP per day, that would be $ 42,57. The truth is that if you invest $ 900 to $ 1500 in the game that cost 3 aces, you can recover your investment in a month or a month and a half. As in any business, if you are planning to start this game, it is good to consider the risks that may arise.

Is there a risk when investing in Axie Infinity?

One of the risks is investing the amount they ask you to start and that the aces earn little, in this case it would take more than a month to recover the investment. And since it is one virtual currency, its demand could decline overnight, there is also the effectiveness of other equipment.

But since Axie is a game just started, it is little known by people, for example they do not know that there is an Axie Infinity application, this is the difference that more people join this community and that generates more demand, so time is of the 'essence.

As with a physical activity there are risks, in what it has to do with the virtual much more, as it is somewhat unstable, i.e. the value of a certain currency can collapse overnight. If the company's server fails, those with investments lose them. However, when it comes to Axie Infinity, the its foundations are good, such as Ethereum, Stablecoin, DeFi and NFT.

Is Ethereum Coin a good long-term investment?

The first months of this year 2021, we noticed that Ethereum has reached its all-time high, and it is true that its price has dropped recently, however, experts believe that Ethereum has a long way to go and reaching incredible levels proved to be a good investment.

How much should I invest at the start of my account to maximize my earnings?

When you decide how much money you will invest in the beginning, it would be good if you started with a small investment and therefore the game is the one that will maximize the profits.

One way is to acquire the adult Axies instead, which would be a great investment of around $ 1000 to $ 1500 depending on the value of the currency at the time, you can search for Axie eggs and raise them and after 5 days you can have your Axies cheaper than adults. Another option would be the Axie Scholarship System, look for information on this method which is new to Axie Infinity.

When should I withdraw my winnings and how to do it?

When you start gaining experience it will be easier and faster to collect SLPs and sell them if you want, now that you can withdraw profits, you can only withdraw profits every 15 days.

How do I get the best gear to play Axie Infinity?

It is important to get the best equipment, as it will determine how quickly you can recoup your investment. Every team needs a defender, this must withstand all the damage caused by the rival, the plant and the reptile Axies have a better survival. The forwards they have the goal of causing damage to the rival, usually their HP is low so they have to be behind tanks or defenders.

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