How to kick someone out of your HouseParty party

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Whether it is through social networks or instant messaging applications, there is always one that we use more than others, be it for its particular additions or for the interface it has. However, we will feel more and more attracted to being able to contact other people in writing or via video calls. And, in the department of video calls, there are many apps to choose from.

Only, it should be borne in mind that not all are equally optimized or that not all use the same amount of battery as others. Effectively, Skype is a good example because it can often be a bit heavy application to use and can consume too much battery life.

Meanwhile, Discord lets you make calls without using too many resources on yours phone. But if you are looking for something different, Houseparty is an application you should keep in mind. This, as such, is an application that focuses on group video calling. You can have up to 8 people in the same video call.

And, thus, it becomes an excellent option when it comes to talking to your old group of friends or family. It is quite simple and does not consume too many resources from yours cellular.

But this app has some downsides, because when making a call, anyone can join if they see it available. So how can you get someone out of your group video call? See below how.

You deleted someone from your group video call on Houparty

Being able to grab someone from a video call is something quite common within applications that have this option. It's a good way to get someone out who has too much free time or who just isn't behaving properly. But in Houseparty this can be a bigger problem for anyone to look at online video call can access it.

It's rare, but it can happen, if other unknown people come into your video call. This can be a big deal, but also one of the app's attractions when it focuses on letting your group of friends join or go as they please. But when there are strangers in the middle it can be a hassle. And the biggest hassle is that there is no way to get people out of yours " party ".

It is for the latter that you have to use the options that the application has. In this case, House party has a small padlock icon on one call. Just press it and no one else can join the call. But there is also a way to deal with offenders in this app.

How to deal with annoying people at house parties

When you are on a call and other people come to tease you, you always have the option to report them. In fact, Houseparty has a fairly strict cohabitation guideline, where it is not allowed to exhibit sexual activity of any kind, do catfishing or persecute another person.

All these behaviors of other users are reportable and, once reported, they will be prohibited from use again House party. So don't worry about those pesky people coming back into your life at Houseparty.

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