How to know a person's email on Facebook if it is hidden

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In these times of technology, it is important to have different means of establishing communication with other people. In this sense, electronic mail is essential.

It is not only essential to have an email address to link to your mobile device, but also to your social networks, so today we introduce you how you can know a person's email on Facebook if it is hidden.

It is the companies that, for the most part, make this type of information available to all users. In personal profiles, however, there are there are very few for privacy reasons. However, is there a way to find out the email address? Find out here!

Email sui social media

As has been anticipated, the email addresses are essential for creating accounts on social networks. Through the email address it is possible:

  • Unblock your username.
  • Receive notifications.
  • View information about reports or complaints you did in a social network.
  • Retrieve your password.
  • Confirm the account you created.

When you set up your profile on Facebook, for example, you will find a series of privacy and personalization options. Using these tools, you choose what information to show or hide in your profile (job site, likes and other elements) and log in with your phone number, email.

That is how a large percentage of Facebook users decide to hide the information personal and contact. So your email or phone number will not be visible to anyone.

Do you want to hide your personal information?

This type of operation is quite simple to perform. If you wish to hide and privatize your Facebook contact and personal information, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Facebook page and log in.
  2. Log in to your profile.
  3. Click on the tab "Information".
  4. Click on the option "Basic and contact information".

Next, Facebook will show you the information you have provided to the platform. After each information an icon will appear which can be: a padlock, a planet or two figures.

The padlock shows that the information is visible only to you. The planet means that the information is public. The two digits tell you that the information can only be viewed by your friends. So, if you want to hide your phone number and email, you will need to select the lock.

How to know a person's email on Facebook if it is hidden?

Good! You already know how to hide your basic and contact information. But now, how do you know someone's email on Facebook? The procedure is actually quite simple.

All you have to do is go to your profile and click on the "Information" tab. All the information that the user is willing to show. Now, if the information is hidden… there are problems.

There is no sure way to find out a person's email on Facebook if it's hidden. And whatever mechanism is used to find this type of information, it would be considered invasive. Therefore, it is recommended that you send a message to this person to request other means of contact.

Mail Generators… How Effective Can They Be?

The urgency of some people to know this type of information has led to the development of some tools. Email Permutator is one of the best known.

From a series of data, this platform provides you with a number of possible emails. However, it is not a foolproof tool. In fact, none of the emails I give you may belong to the profile you are investigating.

Better start a chat on Facebook!

If you need to know a person's email on Facebook if it's hidden, it's best to start a chat! It is far less invasive. In addition, the updated version of Facebook Messenger has extraordinary tools to choose it as the main bridge of interaction.

Make the most of this and other tools this social network has for you. Ask for personal and contact information in a positive way! Each user has the right to decide what kind of information to share with others.

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