How to know and see all the likes I put on Facebook

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I like sulle varie online platforms they serve to show our appreciation for what we see. This is also present on Facebook, but with the passage of time the curiosity arises to see everything we liked, that or you will learn it here.

Before we begin, keep in mind that in this guide we will be talking specifically about likes of posts and interactions, but we also have the solution if you want to see the pages you like on Facebook from your PC. Without further ado, read the information we have prepared for you, so that you can see your interactions on Facebook.

Like on Facebook

As we use our social networks, accumulate stories and content, many of these interactions can be reflected in actions such as adding featured photos to your Facebook profile. Even so, the most common is that they are I like it and different reactions, however we are not always aware of all the times we have done this.

Even so, Facebook allows access to virtually all information relating to our interaction with this social network. In fact, over time, the platform has provided tools, through which it is easier to view this type of content.

If you want see all Mi like it that you have given within the platform, do not worry, as it is a fairly simple process. Here we will show you the ways in which you can observe all the likes you have given on Facebook.

How to know and see all the likes I put on Facebook

Depending on platform on which you find yourself, the process may be slightly different. In any case, in any space, we can get the same information very easily. Here you will learn how to see Facebook likes on both yours cellular than on your computer.

See all Facebook likes on your mobile

  1. The first thing you should do is open the Facebook application on your device. Once inside, press on the three horizontal lines that are above and to the right. This will give you access to the application configuration options.
  2. Almost at the end you will see the option Settings click on it.
  3. Similarly, you need to locate the Le tab your Facebook information. Click on the option Login information and the multiple categories present will be displayed.
  4. To see the likes, you just need to click on the option Likes and reactions.
  5. Two different modes will appear, publications and comments or pages. In the publications and comments you will be able to see precisely the likes you have given to this type of content; On the other hand, in the pages you will see all those pages that you liked.
  6. Then click on the option you wish to observe and you will be able to see in great detail all the likes you have given since you started using the account.

View all Facebook likes on your PC

  1. In the case of the PC, accessing this information is much easier. The first thing you should do is log into your Facebook account and then click on the arrow located at the top right.
  2. When you do that, several options will appear, click on Activity Log.
  3. within the Registro atasità you will be able to see all the social interactions both with the Pages and with the different users.
  4. To see them I like them, click on the option I like it and on the reactions that you will place on the left of your screen.
  5. Through this process you will see all the likes that have been given since you started using your account.

And what about the old posts? well, you can also easily view and delete all old facebook posts, to permanently clean up your account, added with the above method.

Through the above processes you will be able to correctly see all likes and others information related to your interactions within Facebook. Use the tools provided by the page to keep up with everything you've shared in the past.

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