How to know and verify the expiration date of a domain name

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Domains are the names of websites through which we access with a browser. Its function is to change your IP address with a memorable name; In this article we will teach you step by step: how to know and verify the expiration date of a domain name.

How to know and verify the expiration date of a domain name

Domain Name System (DNS)

Thanks to the Domain Name System (DNS), we wouldn't have to log into a browser by typing in an IP address. For example, if we want to visit Google, we simply type instead of typing

DNS also helps to increase the number of domain names available; This happens because web hosting companies today use the same IP to share different names. The main entities that regulate domains globally are ICANN and NIC.

What are ICANN and NIC?

 The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (ICANN) is an entity founded on September 18, 1998, headquartered in Marina del Rey, State of California, USA; This organization is responsible for regulating domain names and IP protocol addresses globally.

The Network Information Center or Network Information Center (NIC) is the body in charge at national level to delegate and regulate the use of domain names belonging to its own territory, those of the Higher Geographic Level and those of the Third Level; for example, the NIC of Spain (ESNIC) is responsible for domains with the,,,, among others.

What are the types of domain extensions on the Internet?

there three types of basis that ICANN assigns for domain name extensions on the Internet, which we will name below:

  • Generic top-level domains (identified by the acronym gTLD, which stands for generic top-level domain).
  • Geographic top-level domains (they are known by the acronym ccTLD, which is the country code of the top-level domain).
  • Third level domains (TrLD).

Generic top-level domains

They are the ones we all know with com extensions, net, org, biz, info, among many others; they are not conceptually defined, within a specific territory; A page with the extension can belong to a European company or from anywhere in the world.

The geographic top-level domains

They are defined within a country or territory and, unlike the generic type, theirs extensions are two characters long ; as for example: ar for Argentina, co for Colombia, stands for Spain, fr for France; there are geographic domains for all the nations on the planet.

Third level domains

I'm there combination of generic and geographic, their scope is delimited by the country of origin. For example, domain is classified as a commercial extension whose activities are subject to Spanish regulations.

How to check the expiration date of a domain name?

I domain names are unique in all over the world, they cannot be two equal directions; for example, there cannot be two pages on, but there can be different extensions such as and Therefore, we will show you several ways to check the expiration date of a domain.

Means to verify the expiration date of a domain name

The unique identity of the domain name makes your search exact, regardless of the location and origin of the web page; for this reason it is very easy to know or check the date di deadline of any domain name, or if it is available for purchase.

For this reason it was born WHOIS, a public directory which shows all the data referring to a domain name; We can check the expiration date of a domain, we just have to visit one of the following pages, enter the desired name in the text field and click on the search button next to it:


As you may have noticed, it is possible to know the expiration date of a domain name, regardless of its nature or type of extension. We hope this information was useful to you. Please leave us your comment and share it with your friends.

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