How to know or find out the exact version and model of a Mac OS

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It is also known to be developed and marketed by the Apple brand, which is currently one of the most popular companies in the world. MacOS has a unique and special design, which can only be used with computers and devices Macintosh. Here is the importance of being a user of this operating system.

This is also known as the second most used operating system in the world after Microsoft Windows, and although both operating systems have differences from each other, together with Linux they occupy the first places in the list. It is quite common to see people using their tools mostly on laptops. However, the fact that it is used in computers and desktops is not overlooked.

It is quite common for many users to want to be in full control of the information on their computers and thus know the exact model of theirs Mac devices. This is very useful in case they need some kind of repair or want to do something more than their tools and request that information from us.

However, know in detail the parts and elements of yours devices it's simple and convenient. You can know almost everything quickly and easily, as there are multiple tools that will help us know the model, year of manufacture, etc. from any of our computers.

Model and year of your Mac OS device

For reasons of economy, it is quite common that when we buy our first one MAC, both second-hand. But this does not have to be of poor quality, on the contrary, in terms of quality, we can find more devices, which come to resemble those of first hand.

All this since there are no major changes and factory specs. Maybe you are looking for this data so as not to make a mistake in buying the exact model you want, without any kind of mistake.

To know what the exact model is and its factory features, we just need to perform the following steps:

  1. To carry out this task, we just need to enter the website of Apple to access the " Model Identifier ".
  2. Once inside the web page, we just have to enter the form " About this MAC "
  3. Once there, we will find the button that says "More Info"
  4. There you will see that an options screen opens with information, that you have to look for the one that says " System report ".

It is in that tab where you can gather all the information you need to learn more about your products. There we will be able to know exactly which model our team corresponds to.

Why is this information important?

When acquiring any type of electronic instrument or element, it is important to know all the details in depth. Many times due to ignorance, we don't know how to determine the various ones details and that is why it is very useful to know all the details and information that the company can provide us.

Many of these characteristics can be known through Web pages or within the packages themselves. However, this is the information you shouldn't miss for any reason:

  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Warehousing
  • Graphic card
  • ports
  • Audio repairs and support

This is basic information if at any time you want to send your devices to a technician or, failing that, you want to add significant improvements. If the PC you own is second-hand, however, we recommend that you inform yourself well about its details, repairs, maintenance dates, etc., so as not to fall into any kind of error.

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