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What do you need to do to get someone's Instagram with just one photo?

Image Search is a tool that has been developed over the years. This helps find out who owns a photo or if an image we want to use is copyrighted.

Well, this research mode will be your main tool to fully achieve the goal and to be able to find the person who appears in that photo which generates interest.

We can use two options that have a wide search range, the first is the TinEye page and the second is the Google image search engine.

How to use TinEye?

First of all you have to log in to this site, once there you can upload the photo you have of that person you want to find.

To improve the results. We recommend that the photo is preferably one you know or have the idea that it has been uploaded to a social network. In this makes the search easier and increases the chance that the profile will be found.

This page is one of the most recommended for this task. That is why it is considered the best option to find someone on any social network.


How to find the profile with Google?

Well, the first thing you should do is log into Google from your computer or smartphone and enter the image search engine. Now you can see a camera symbol in the search bar, click on it and select the option » Upload an image «.

Once the photo has uploaded, it will give you a series of results showing similar images it found on the internet. You can limit your search by typing in the bar » Site: So it will mainly search on that page.

If you happen to know at least the person's name, you can also add it to the search bar to generate better results and thus reduce search time.

Do you need to find the person on another network?

If you've already got a result, you should only use it to continue your search, adding the results until you reach the desired profile.

Some tips to achieve your goal

  • Start your search directly on Instagram. If you can see a common hashtag or word in the photo, it can help you find the profile by simply entering it in the Instagram search engine.
  • Try to have someone in common, in case the person you are looking for may belong to your friend's social circle, try take a photo where the person you are looking for can be tagged.
  • Use another social network if your Internet and Instagram search is complicated. Try to take the person to Facebook or Twitter so you can find a profile that can help you.


  • Use this tutorial for other things. If you have met someone through a social network and want to confirm that their identity has not been stolen. You can use the search methods we have explained above for you see if your photos are not plagiarized.

Finally, let's hope this tutorial be of great help and make it easier for you to find someone's Instagram with only one photo through the engines that we have explained to you.

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