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If you are one very active person in social networks and you want to reach a greater reach in terms of followers, it is important that you know that the hours you post have a lot of influence.

On Instagram there are a few hours in which you can get a greater number of likes, but everything will also depend on the type of audience you have and of course on the time zone. That's why we will tell you the correct times where you should post on Instagram.

What should you consider before posting something on Instagram?

The times you post are important, but maybe you should consider other factors which can be very useful for your publication to reach more people.

Prima identify your audience. People who go to work from early afternoon to late afternoon often check Instagram in the morning hours. The opposite happens with students, as they tend to have more activity on Instagram at night.

In turn, takes into account the time zone. If the case is that you have followers in different countries, experiment a little to see which times are convenient for you. This will also depend on where most of your followers are located.

Engagement with your followers can be a key point. Maybe sticking to the hours that benefit the most won't be fruitful for you. You will also have to pay attention to the behavior of users who follow you. This means that beyond everything the experts say, you need to attach importance to building a solid and also lasting relationship with your followers in order to achieve a good reach.

How can you find the best time to post on your Instagram account?

There are some key aspects you can consider to find the perfect moment. Basically, users tend to have more interaction with posts posted outside of business hours.

In turn, it depends on your content, you will know if you should post on weekends. Although according to experts, publications tend to have more interactions when released on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Finally, consider that It is not recommended to post between 15pm and 00pm, especially from Monday to Friday, as most users are busy with their work.

What is the best time to publish your posts according to the algorithm?

Each social network has different hours where publications can have a high reach and this is mainly due to the fact that everyone is dedicated to different things.

On Facebook

To get more reach on your Facebook posts, it's best to choose to publish between 13:00 and 15:00.

On Twitter

People often use this social network a lot while traveling to a place or during study or work hours. In other words, the best time is between 11:00 and 13:00.

On Instagram

If you upload content in the morning, it is recommended between the 7: 00 and the 9: 00, as working people usually check Instagram before they work.

As for noon, it's okay between 12:00 and 14:00, because users take a short break.

At night, you may have a wider audience between 19:00 and 21:00, as many want to check Instagram before bed.

Tips for increasing the reach of your Instagram posts

In addition to having as a guide the schedules set for greater reach according to the experts, your followers may be interested in publications about your lifestyle habits daily at any time.

If you choose the correct hashtags you will also do very well, but in turn you have to use them according to what is trending. In the end, never leave creativity aside in the photos or videos you post and remember that they must be accompanied by a good description.

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