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Badoo is one of the best networks for flirting but in many cases knowing the Facebook of those people we know is important.

Badoo is positioned as one of the most used and famous social networks for flirting, due to its popularity, millions of people are register on it.

Although Badoo is a fairly complete social network that allows you to upload photos, send private messages, make comments and other tools, many times the curiosity arises to know more information about that person we are meeting in Badoo.

When you have a romantic interest or find yourself flirting with a person, the feeling of wanting to know more about that person comes naturally, so in this post we will teach you how find your special someone on Badoo.

Request the Facebook of a person who has Badoo

One of the requirements that Badoo must register is to connect a Facebook account, usually most Badoo users have a Facebook account.

Connect the Facebook account Badoo allows you to verify the user's profile, so knowing if a person who is in Baddo has linked their Facebook account is extremely simple.

For this, you need to go to the profile of the desired person and if the Facebook icon and the number of friends of this means that the person is verified.

On Badoo it is possible to ask the person directly for their Facebook link by simply clicking on the symbol of the social network.

How to know the Facebook of a person who has Badoo?

Sometimes the person who has Badoo does not link your Facebook account to the application, therefore it is not possible to request the connection of that network in your profile.

However, among the most used and popular social networks in the world is Facebook, so finding that special someone you met on Facebook is not a difficult task.

The first step to finding that special someone on Badoo is to copy the name of his profile in the application and enter it in the Facebook search engine and check which one matches among the results.

In case the person you met on Badoo is in the same city as you, it is extremely easy to find people in the same city or town on Facebook, which will make this task easier.

For this, just enter the person's name in the Facebook search engine and configure searches by region, which will make the number of matches smaller but more accurate.

Alternatives to find Badoo people on Facebook

In case you haven't still found that person's Facebook that you met on Badoo with the previous solutions, there are several alternatives which we report below.

If you have the mobile number of that special person you met on Badoo, you can search or find someone on Facebook based on their mobile number.

On Facebook Only one mobile number can be registered per account, so if that special person or that we know has registered on Facebook with their mobile number, it will be sufficient to enter it in the Facebook search engine for it to appear.

If you don't have a mobile number and if you only have photo of that person you want to search, you can also find a person on Facebook with a photo.

What differentiates this research from the ones mentioned above is that it is performed via the Google image search engine.

To do this, you need to enter the Google search engine and upload the photo of the person you want to find on Badoo, then you need to enter the person's name and the word "Facebook".

The latter alternative it is usually quite precise and exact since it will no longer give results, this will allow you to find the Facebook of that person you are meeting on Badoo without having to ask.

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