How to know the name of a song in Windows 10 without programs

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If this were possible, we would not break our heads trying to remember the title of a song that rings out over and over. We look for it in the browser and nothing. So here we will tell you a way to facilitate this process, read on.

As we already know, Windows 10 offers users with this new version, offers us applications that are very easy to use and that generate great satisfaction. But just as we can add add-ons and programs quickly and easily, we can also uninstall programs in Windows 10 the same way.

In short, it is very comfortable switch to the new version of Windows and be able to enjoy the new attributes it contains.

But how can I do without using the different existing programs to do it, like Shazam which you can download from the Play Store. This highly recognized application can tell you the artist singing the song and title.

How to know the name of a song in Windows 10

What we are going to show you in the following article is a really great trick, and most importantly, it is very easy to perform. You will learn how to know the name of a song in Windows 10 without using programs.  So, without further ado, we'll start with the steps you need to take.

In order for Windows 10 to recognize any song and tell you who the artist is and the name of the song, the operating system uses a personal assistant called Cortana. And with it you can say goodbye forever, keep using whatever program you used, know the name of the song and even its interpreter.

How do I use Cortana, the personal assistant of Windows?

Using this personal assistant is very simple and anyone can use it. You can find it on the lower left side of the desktop next to the Windows start icon. There you can see a kind of bar with a circle and with the following information Ask me anything .

If you create a clip in that place, a window will appear with several options towards the top, you will have the option to write or press the microphone icon to ask the question. You have to be specific with the question you are about to ask and it has to be this What is this song. So to use this wizard you have to put the song and then say the question.

You can play any song you want, use any external device, the important thing is that the assistant can listen to the song and then you ask the question. After that, the assistant will show you in a small window who is the interpreter and what is the name of the song you just listened to.

As you can see, this personal assistant called Cortana it has a very high functionality and degree of effectiveness, we would say 100%. It doesn't matter which song you want to know what it's called or who the performer is. Nor does the genre of the song matter, be it salsa, merengue, romantic, children's, rock, pop, ballad, ranchera, etc.

To know the name of a song, a this magician won't care if the song is from this decade or from the past. As we said, it already has a very high degree of success and it is truly amazing.

Hopefully this wizard will be available for all regions, as only when it was released was it only available for 9 countries.

Say goodbye to those music identification programs that only take up space on your hard drive. And start using this wizard so know always the name of a song in Windows 10.

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