How to know what level or rank I am in the Free Fire leagues - Quick and easy

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Fortunately, you are in the correct article, as you will find this and more here. What do you think if we take a little review of the history of Free Fire? In addition to the interesting things it gives you to know your rank or level.

The popularity of Free Fire

Developed by Garena and released in 2017, Free Fire won the hearts of the gamer community. Not only is it considered one of the best mobile video games… But it proves it.

It is available for both Android and iOS. Currently exceeds of great 500 million installations long and has a record of 80 daily active users.

Game form

What has made Free Fire so popular is the way it is played. Once you manage to download and install Garena Free Fire for free, the rest is easy… or not? Imagine sharing with up to 50 people on the same map, where the main rule is: survive.

You will fall from a plane and you will have to use the parachute to land in strategic points. This is very important, since you have to collect weapons and other items to survive. You also have to stay within the so-called "safe zone" ed eliminate your opponents to achieve victory.

The degrees or levels of Free Fire

Knowing what level or rank they are in the Free Fire leagues is simple. The video game itself lets you know as you play or complete missions.

Have you just created or deleted an account on Garena Free Fire? So, you are definitely at the most basic level. If you want to check out all grades of this video game, read on. You will be surprised!

  • Bronze Division: this is where it all begins. This division is divided into 3 phases. You have to collect 1000 points to reach this division.
  • Silver Division: If you have between 1301 and 1600 points, then you are here. Rewards increase as you level up. It also has 3 divisions.
  • Gold Division: from 1601 to 2100 points. From here you start to be among the best. From here on, each division has 4 phases (in this case, Gold I, II, III and IV).
  • Platinum Division: start finding the experts here! A range in which you have to go from 2101 to 2600 points for the next division.
  • Diamond Division: One of the last divisions in which a range of points is managed (from 2600 to 3200).
  • Heroic: every player with more than 3200 accumulated points belongs to this division.
  • Grandmaster: a division by natural winners. You must be in the Heroic Top 300 to enter here.

Want to know your Free Fire rank?

Know what level or rank they are in the Free Fire leagues it is quite simple. Upon entering the game interface, a box will appear in the upper left corner. This box contains your profile information: name, rank, number of points, among others.

If you want to level up or rank up quickly, you need to play a lot and complete some missions. Free Fire will reward you for every action you take, such as linking a VK account to Garena Free Fire.

Ready to rank up in Free Fire?

Now that you know where you are in the Free Fire leagues and how much time you need to move on to the next division, it's time to keep playing. Prove that you are the best in this fantastic video game!

And remember, treat other users with the utmost respect. If not, you will receive a penalty and need help finding out if my Free Fire account has been disabled, suspended or banned.

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