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It will be necessary that you contribute only with a minimum of 5 PVUs to the game, the PVU is the cryptocurrency that uses the game, and in turn you exchange it for LE. This way you can buy some plants and tools that will allow you to start the game. Since its creation until now, some improvements have been made to allow the game to be self-sufficient.

What game modes are available in the game

Learning how to play Plant vs Undead and start making money is very easy and now they have the advantage of being able to do so from your mobile. You just have to know that this interesting and profitable game has two game modes for now. The first is the farmer mode and the second is the gardener mode and we will explain it to you below.


The so-called Farmers or Farmers are those players who buy a seed which has a cost of 100 PVU. A high enough figure if we know that the token price today is $ 11,66. Remember that the value of this cryptocurrency is fluctuating and can go up or down depending on the market trend.

In addition to seeds, it is possible to buy plants that have particular characteristics and their price varies from 105 to 550 PVU. As you can see, this game mode is a little expensive, but the profitability is very high, to the point that you can recover your investment in 2 months, once you acquire your plants or seeds you need to water them and scare away the crows so they can produce YOU.


Gardener mode is the one that allows you to play with a lower investment, since you can start growing with only 5 PVUs around $ 58,3. Upon entering you must exchange your 5 PVUs for 350 LE (Light Energy) which is the in-game currency. And these resources the Swap with a sunflower mama (Sunflower mama) that you will plant in your free land, you must also buy water for irrigation and scarecrow.

You should also compare a small pot to plant your temporary plant, as it will last you 6 days. At the end of that period you will receive 850 LE, and with that amount of LE you will reinvest in a sunflower breast, water, scarecrow, flowerpot, but sarai also in able to acquire a sunflower sapling until you have a garden with a sunflower breast and 5 producing saplings, these last 3 days.

How can I play Plant vs Undead on a mobile device?

Now you can play plant vs undead from your mobile device to earn PVU and exchange them for real money. We must remember that a beta version was previously released that allowed you to play from your mobile, but you didn't win real money.

Now that we know that if you can play and win money from your smartphone, let's see what we should do on each device. It is necessary to clarify that this can be done from your Android or from your phone that runs on the iOS operating system.

Install PVU for Android devices

play Plant vs Undead from your Android you need to install an extension called Metamask, which is a virtual wallet. And it must be downloaded from a browser compatible with this Wallet, which is Yandex with Protect. You may need to put your browser in desktop mode so that you can add the Metamask extension.

Once the extension installation process is finished, you need to register in Metamask and log in. And in this way you will be able to enter from the official Plant vs Undead page from your smartphone and start playing. Then click the button Farm or exchange the farm with your PVU for LE and start growing in your garden.

Play from your iOS phone

To play Plant vs Undead on iOS devices, you need to install Yandex Browser from the App Store first, if you don't have it. Since from that browser you will be able to download the virtual wallet Metamask. Once this step is done, you need to create an account or import an already registered one.

The next step is to go to the Plant vs Undead main page and register, for this you can log in with your Metamask account. Now it will be enough for you exchange your 5 PVUs for 350 LE and you can buy your first Sunflower mom and the tools you'll need to do your job as a gardener.

How do lands and plants work in the game?

We have to understand that it is the lands that plants are essential elements in the game, on the one hand, the lands will allow us to grow more plants or mother trees. Therefore, having a limit on the amount of mother plants and trees that you can plant in them based on the characteristics they have and is the following:

  • The earth that has one element is called common and you can plant 3 mother trees and 20 plants.
  • The land which has 2 elements is called rare and you can plant 4 mother trees and 25 plants.
  • Earth with 3 elements is called rare and you can plant 5 mother trees and 30 plants.
  • The earth with 4 elements is called mystical and you can plant 7 mother trees and 40 plants.

These lands can be received randomly and have an appearance rate ranging from 60% of the common ones to 29% of the uncommon ones. 10% rare and 1% mystical, although these lands can be purchased for a slightly higher price from the Marketplace.

As for the plants, they are the ones that offer us the LE which we will then change for PVU, each plant can offer us a quantity of LE per time interval. Ranging from 60 hours, 72, 90, 120, 144, 240, etc. But all this depends on the type of plant and the rarity of said plant, which are the following: There are 9 types of plants:

  • Fire
  • Electro
  • Dark
  • Metal
  • Wind
  • Light
  • Ice
  • Parasite
  • Acqua

But it is also necessary to remember that in the game in addition to the nine plants ci are also rarities which are 4:

  • Common
  • Raro
  • Mysticism
  • Strange
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