How to level up fast in World of Warcraft - Leveling zones and where to level up faster

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Where to level if you are from the Alliance?

The world of Wow, is very extensive and has specific areas for each level of player, when we start we have at our disposal an entire continent to start advancing, in the case of the alliance, it is the east side of the map, here Depending on the race you choose, which can be Gnomes, Elves, humans, among other races , you will appear in a field corresponding to your choice.

In the latest game updates, map changes have been implemented, which have us allowed to reach more than level 50 without having to go to another continent, the entire main area of ​​the alliance, has very varied missions, with which On the one hand you can follow the main story and on the other you can level up your character.

For slightly higher levels, you can go to the moors, but you should know that the enemies here are much stronger and don't go for many at the same time, so you don't waste time on avoidable deaths, one of the last areas. are the devastated lands, these are for players of level 40 and above and represent one impossible challenge for levels below this.

Where to level if you belong to the Horde?

If in the opposite case, you prefer to follow the story from the other point of view, the Horde, being an Orc a Tauren or even a Living Dead, you have the whole West map at your disposal, whatever race you choose. It is recommended that you do the first missions to start, and then you go up a few levels.

After doing that, you have to walk, to the central city of the game, probably a main mission to be assigned to get there, and the point appears on the map, as several versions of the game have been released, which expand the story, This has caused several locations to change their appearance, however this advice remains valid.

Once you reach level 10, it is recommended to go to the forests, as there are a large number of enemies in them according to your level, which shouldn't be a big deal, but you always have to remember not to attack many at the same time.

Normally if you follow the main story, you will discover places, which will have much stronger enemies, finally, when you already have a high level, you can go to the swamps, where fire creatures come out, these not only do physical damage but also can cause combat effects.

Agricultural Experience Tips

It is important to clarify that Wow, it is a I play totally online, to be able to play it you need to have a WIFI network and that it is totally stable and fast, in order to avoid any errors in the connection, which can affect you to a great extent When it comes to agriculture, you can always add an extra configuration, dedicated only to the game.

During your adventure, you will find objects, or relics, which are fundamental for agriculture, since they can increase a certain percentage by gaining experience, it is important to be aware of the descriptions of the objects we are obtaining.

From time to time, in events such as the black moon, we will be granted a bonus, which acts as a temporary advantage, with which we can level up faster, this is also a way to reward the most loyal and attentive players, always remember to buy potions and continue to attack a controlled number of enemies.

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