How to level up faster in Overwatch How many levels are there?

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What is Overwatch?

According to its official website, this energetic game it's basically about shooting, so good aiming is essential to be among the best. In this you can create teams for 6 vs. 6 and one of the exciting things about this eSport is the unique and expansive characters you can play with.

These fights take place in different scenarios, because with this game you can travel the world. Among the heroes of Overwatch you will find the female and male gender, which are divided into three fundamental characteristics: tank, damage and support. 

The tank characters are the ones who remove all the enemies that are obstacles, they lead the group. While damage and support are what are considered fearsome and those that heal, respectively.

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How many levels are there?

In this video game you will have a lot of work to do, as the maximum levels are 1890 with several portraits. With each game you gain experience, in turn this is reflected in a number within a bar which, once filled, level up.

Accumulating 101 levels, the system grants you a copper-colored star and then returns to level 1 and so on. After receiving 5 stars and lots experience, at level 600 you will see that you will get a silver one.

Interestingly, these silver-colored stars can change to gold when you've reached level 1200, a real challenge. So after reaching level 1800, you will see that a frame appears around the golden stars and the star process begins again.

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How to level up faster in Overwatch?

Knowing this level data in Overwatch, we are ready to learn those secrets to level up faster, we suggest these:

  1. Don't be a rascal. It may be that in an OW game things are not going well, you get angry and want to leave it like that. Do not do it! Well, if you finish a game well, you will receive 250 experience points.
  2. Play two or more continuous games. If you avoid exiting the games in the menu or something like that, you will get 200 experience points.
  3. Play as a team. It is very important to invite your friends, as they will help you with the experience. That is, for the simple fact of having a group, you earn a bonus that translates into an additional 20% of experience for each game and as you accumulate it, you will see that it makes a difference.
  4. The medals. This is a good incentive you get in addition to experience, there are medals for the one that does the most damage, the one that heals the most, among others. When you win a gold one, for example, you get an extra 150 experience points.
  5. Competitive games. Although they are usually tough and long lasting, they are very useful for leveling up, the longer they last, the more experience you gain.

You need to know…

Although there are many levels in this game, if you are a novice player, don't worry, as that doesn't mean that those with more levels are better than you. Be ad high levels it's just an indicator that you have more experience and more loot with collectibles.

So we see that to level up in Overwatch it's all about getting a lot of experience and for this, many hours of game. And on the latter, we recommend if you use Nintendo Switch, learn the tricks it has to increase battery life.

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