How to level up the headquarters in Boom Beach? What do I need?

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Of course, this will all be subject to the amount of time you can spend in the game, along with the mineral resources you collect or win in battles. Furthermore, the amount of diamonds (main currency of the game) that you can count on to acquire better additional tools to complete a large military facility (there are tricks to easily get diamonds and gems in Boom Beach)

What is the reason why it is important to level up the headquarters at Boom Beach?

When it comes to a base of operation, if its heart is emphasized, it is nothing more than the headquarters to be built. Likewise, it is the main focus in a battle at Boom Beach, since, once destroyed, the user who caused that outcome will be the winner of the victory.

All technological advances and building improvements are made through this large one military structure. As you level up, Boom Beach HQ becomes a priority. Since with it you will have access to new combat units, larger infrastructure and another series of ostentatious upgrades.


Likewise, passing the levels results in a steady and affordable increased power of the barracks. This is an essential requirement to avoid its destruction at all costs.

The weaker your headquarters is, the easier it will be for your rivals to take down the buildings that comprise it. However, if the HQ is of an adequate level and is in good condition, its hit points will increase.

The level increase of the headquarters in Boom Beach depends strictly on the sum of experience acquired by interacting with the game by building buildings or upgrading your troops.

The greater the experience, you will unlock new levels and you will have access to more powerful skills for your gunship. Like for example at level 9 you get a sniper tower or a cannon with a longer range.

The only downside is that as you level up in the barracks, it will take more and more time, so it's good to look for how to get more builders or masons in Boom Beach.

What do I need to level up correctly?

First of all, you should always be aware of how much experience you have and how much you need to reach a new specific level, so that your goal is to reach it in a certain time. Experience is gained not by fighting, but by applying changes to both the troops and buildings available.

As your arsenal grows larger, the your troops will gain more power and you will be rewarded with a better amount of experience.


On the other hand, it is not only important to improve buildings, but also to build everything that is needed for improve the architecture. And thus leveling the headquarters in Boom Beach, as well as the buildings themselves.

At the same time, the game has additional elements such as special statues that give a boost when it comes to leveling up; However, the best strategy for advancing the game is one that you feel is appropriate to your preferences as time passes and you become familiar with every detail of it. , devising it based on your experiences and circumstances.

Always keep in mind that even if you want to stand out by reaching higher levels, it won't stop enemies from attacking you; on the contrary, what really determines is yours reputation granted by your headquarters and the streaks you get in previous battles, as well as your story.

When you have learned what it takes to improve your barracks, will it be time to learn what is the first thing I need to improve in Boom Beach? and also what is the best unit and the best combination.

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