How to light or destroy and extinguish a bonfire in ARK: Survival Evolved

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Survival in ARK: Survival Evolved

Today we are on the island, that of ARK, we will come across elements that we do not see in our daily life, with beasts and the need to awaken our the capital market sector, equity side and debt side, in all the preparatory and executive phases for the issue and placement of financial instruments; asleep of survival. From your arrival in the ARK world, we will see on the horizon the movement of creatures, the lust of spaces, the colossus and the imposing appearance and size of trees.

All of this will lead us to the engrams, which are none other than lessons learned. Always remember to improve game performance with the correct settings.

Since knowledge is power, engrams are total power, this knowledge will be built with experience. But we will give you some cases, how to light or destroy and extinguish a bonfire, under a series of gadgets that will be the keys to survival. The pride of engrams will always be that the more you know, the more you dominate the ARK universe.

It always starts with the elemental, that is, with the most elementary. And if you assume it's roof and comfort for that, then welcome to the raw ARK world. Where what is truly important in real life is transferred to virtual space. Remembering that the essential is often not visible, it is paradoxical that in the digital world we encounter the hardness of reality brought to simulation.

ARK survival parameters

Health of course, a lifeless character cannot play. The life score decreases if attacked, if you suffer from hunger or dehydration, just as heavy falls cause death.

Energy, allows you to run and in a world of beasts, which is fundamental, as well as moving with stability. Oxygen, in some cases you will have to dive, and for this there is an indication of the level of oxygen, if the element is deficient, death will be certain.

Food, is the nutritional reservoir that the body has, will be one of the parameters that will constantly decrease, so it is a priority to have something to consume at hand.

Water will be another of the fundamental and crucial elements, and at the same time one of those that decrease the most, for which the hydration is always one priority and in all circumstances. The weight can affect the game levels, when the inventory is too full the player will slow down to the point of being able to remain motionless.

Other aspects like melee damage, speed, manufacturing skill, strength must always be at their point of balance, only the unconscious bar is the one you have to try to keep empty, because otherwise the character faints.

How to light or destroy and extinguish a bonfire in ARK

Once the bonfire has been built and placed in a suitable place, we proceed to light it. Put a flammable material such as wood, straw or gunpowder in the fire inventory. To move it to this inventory, or choose the item and select an empty seat in the inventory and press action. With it, we will have lit the bonfire.

Now if we want to shut it down or destroy it, you won't have to use the action button on it and hit it wildly with your flashlight, those resources without consuming you can continue to use them later, we leave the actions and press Y, it will go out without much stress

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