How to link my Facebook page to my Instagram account

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Facebook has an application that allows you to link your Instagram profile to one of your Facebook pages. This feature allows you to also publish from your Facebook account and in parallel the Instagram account is updated. It is a much simpler process than it looks and here you will learn how.

How to link my Facebook page to my Instagram account

To start linking the fanpage with the Instagram account, the first thing you need to do is open the Facebook account to which your Instagram profile is connected. This Facebook account must also be the administrator of the fanpage you want to associate with Instagram.

In the Facebook search engine you have to enter the word Instatab. Click on the first search result and it will redirect you to the Facebook application page. On the page you need to press the Use app button to enable the application functions.

Before adding the new tab with Instagram features, you need to select which Facebook page you want to link with the application. You can only choose one of your Facebook pages to link.

Configure Instatab

The new tab is now in the left panel of your Facebook account options, with the name of Instagram. Click on the tab and it will redirect you to a new page.

Now you need to configure the application to work. You must enter your Instagram username as it appears in your account. The application also allows the use of labels in case of need.

So it is necessary choose how to view images with the Default Display Mode option. This option allows you to configure the size you want posts to be displayed. You can choose between Miniature, Fourth, Small and Normal.

If you want to add another personal touch, the application allows you to add a header image. You can add it from your computer files and they must have a standard size of 810x150px.

After making all the necessary changes, go to the bottom of the page and click on the button Save settings to save the configuration changes. Your account is now linked to the Instagram account and is ready to use.

To check that there are no errors in the installation, go to the Facebook page you just connected and look for the Instagram tab. From Facebook you can see photos of the Instagram account.

Advantages of Instatab

You can check your Instagram account from Facebook and save a lot of time by monitoring your social networks. Furthermore, this option allows you to delegate to other users and administrators of your Facebook page the monitoring of the evolution of Instagram posts, without having to log in to your profile.

By viewing Instagram posts from your Facebook page, you have the option to like posts from there. You can also share the Instagram post on your Facebook page.

With the Instagram account connected to the Facebook page, you can get more followers on Instagram by promoting the publications. Facebook identifies the profile associated with the Instagram account and allows to promote the publication of your choice on Facebook.

You can attract a different type of follower with Facebook campaigns. If you know how to segment a Facebook campaign correctly, surely there are many people who will be interested in your business or your brand.

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