How to link my YouTube, Twitter and Steam account to my Twitch account

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Today, when our lives are more interconnected than ever, we can be interested in the different connections via twitch. Among the different possibilities, you can also connect Twitch with Steam.

Once you log into Twitch, you need to go to settings of the profile in Twitch, that is to the profile settings, which you can access in the upper right corner where you see your "user" or your avatar.

After clicking on the settings option, you will be able to see a new interface, where you can change the different characteristics of your profile, such as the photo, the notifications you will receive, among others.

Among the different tabs mentioned above, there is one called "Connections". Click there and you will be able to see the different social networks that you can connect through Twitch.

As you can imagine, you must have previously created an account on YouTube Steam o Twitter. The process is very simple to connect them, just click on the "connect" option and then a window will load where you can log in.

What is Twitch and what can I do there?

Twitch is a social video network in YouTube style but above all dedicated to 'streaming' or live broadcasting of videos, with a theme dedicated to video games.

The popularity of Twitch has grown considerably over time, as its nearly unique features and alliances with other companies contributed to the process.

One of the benefits that Twitch offers is that you can download and create an account for PC, Playstation or mobile quickly and easily.

In Twich you will be able to see open world games such as Minecraft and the best MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, also games of different leagues of some E-Sports live and live.

As with social networks, you can connect twitch to riot, in the same connection window as your Twitch profile settings, search for LoL and copy the verification code. 

Then, go to LoL and in the settings look for the option "verify", register the copied code there and then when you return to Twitch, you can enter your username and region.

How to download and play via Steam?

If you are interested in creating a Steam account to play free or paid games, the procedure is very simple. Just search on Google «Steam» and go to the main page.

Once inside, at the top right you will see a green button that says "install Steam", click there. Then it will load a new window in which you need to click «download».

An installation program will run .exe where you can finally create your account and play the best games in the community.

Additionally, Steam allows you to meet new people through its friends system and, in turn, makes it easier for you to create and publish your own games on this portal.

And don't worry if you don't have a gaming PC or the best laptop to play with, Steam gives you the ability to play via your mobile and even connect the screen to your TV so completely free.

Benefits of Broadcasting on Twitch

As you might think, you need to have internet with low latency and ping, to play silently and be able to stream your games.

If you are a fan of FIFA, for example, you might want to link twitch to all sports, as they usually give some rewards called "drops" to some players. The procedure is very simple. 

Go to the page and log into Twitch from there. Then log into EA and confirm the link.

Similarly, you can connect Twitch with ps4 to do a live broadcast, just press the button DUALSHOCK on your controller and then choose the option "broadcast gameplay". Once there, look for the Twitch option and choose if you want to share the microphone and camera.

If you are wondering how to connect twitch a xbox one, the procedure is simple. Log in to the Twitch application from your xbox and follow the indicated steps carefully. So you should check the corresponding settings very well, if you want your broadcasts to be public or just for your friends.

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