How to lock and unlock a mobile phone with a fingerprint? - Very easy

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Anyone watching us enter the diagram of our cellphone he can guess it quickly and without problems. However, when we use our fingerprint to lock and unlock our mobile, no matter how much they are staring at us, there is no way they can breach this security method.

After all, if configure your device with your fingerprint, the only person who can access it will be you. Therefore, it is a remarkably secure security method and something you should definitely apply in case you have any bank details, credit cards or very personal data on your device.

For this reason, a little further down we will see how to configure the fingerprint on iPhone e Android so as to keep your mobile completely safe from third parties and ensure that no one can access it without your permission.

How to set up fingerprint on Android

  • The first thing you need to go is in the app drawer.
  • Finds " Settings ".
  • Once here you will have to enter " Security and privacy "Or" Lock screen settings ". This will depend on the level of customization and the version of Android you have.
  • So you will have to enter the menu " Safety ".
  • In the "Screen lock" options you will have the usual options: pattern, PIN, password and fingerprint. Click on the latter.

Now you will need to follow the instructions to activate your fingerprint. You have to keep in mind that you will also need a backup password which would be the secondary method of unlocking the phone.

How to lock and unlock an iPhone with your fingerprint

In the case of an iPhone we will have to make sure that the sensor is clean and also the finger that we will use to read our fingerprint. In turn, the phone will ask you to create a security code.

  • Now we will go up " Settings ".
  • After that we will have to look for the option " Screen lock ".
  • The next thing we will do is go up " Touch ID and codice ". As soon as we enter, you will be asked for the code you created earlier.
  • If you look down in the section " Fingerprints "You will find the option" Add a fingerprint “, Click on it.
  • So we will have to place the finger that we want to use to lock and unlock the device. This we need to do on the fingerprint sensor.
  • The system will ask you to do this in different ways, even as slow as possible and sector by sector of your finger in order to correctly read your entire fingerprint and save the necessary information.

Once done, you can unlock the iPhone with your fingerprint. Something that for many is essential, as this way we make sure that every time we download something from the App Store or use Apple Play or the iTunes Store, it is necessary to enter the fingerprint.

This obviously provides a very important level of protection to our data which will keep it safe against third parties. Another interesting option is that we can add more than one fingerprint to the device.

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