How to lock the control panel or settings in Windows 10

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If, as you hear, Windows 10 allows you to lock the Control Panel very easily and thus prevent another user from accessing this window. And so you can be sure that the settings you have made are not changed. For this reason, when sharing a PC with other users, it is preferable to create user accounts.

It is always preferable to administer accounts on a PC, but above all permissions and to know if you are the administrator on your Comes Alive starting from Windows. But if this is your case and you have not been able to create user accounts, because sometimes it is not possible and you have the same account for multiple users, you can perform the blocking that we will show you below.

How to lock the control panel or settings in Windows 10

As you should already know, to have access to the control panel or configuration of Windows you have to do it via the start menu or by using the Win + I keyboard shortcuts. But if we block this option, it will not be possible for any other user to have access to her. So get ready, we'll tell you the steps to follow right away.

The following steps we will teach you, in order to lock the control panel or the Windows 10 configuration, they will work for the Windows 10 Pro version. And for the Home version we will indicate them later. So to start we will use the Run tool and for this we will press the following Win + R keys.

Once the window appears, we need to write the following gpedit command. msc and then press the Enter key. This action will open immediately la window Local Group Policy Editor. This is divided into two parts and we will be on the left side and there we have to look for the User Configuration option first.

Then we will find and select the Administrative Templates option and finally in this we will choose Control Panel. And voila, you just have to exit the editor window and restart your computer for the changes to take effect. And this will lock the control panel or the configuration of Windows 10.

 How to lock the control panel or Windows 10 Home version settings

To lock the control panel or the configuration of the version di Windows 10 Home, we will use the registry editor. To do this, we will use the keyboard shortcuts again and press the Win key + R. Then we have to write the following command regedit, once done we will enter the registry editor and on the left side we will follow the following path.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies Explorer software if the Explorer folder does not appear on the right side, it must be created. To do this, we will go to the Policies folder and choose the New - Password option. And you need to name this folder Explorer.

The next step will be to enter the folder you created and we will right click and select New and then DWORD (32 bit) Value. We also need to name this value and it will be NoControlPanel. Once created, we need to double click and in this way the value configuration window will appear.

Now to finish in the Value information field we have to put 1 and in this way we have deactivated or stuck control panel or Windows 10 configuration. If for some reason you want to re-enable it, you just have to follow the same path and change the value to zero (0). Finally, close the window and restart your PC.

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